Effective Coaching Is Critical For Retaining Top Sales Talent

CLeeSmith 1By today, retaining the Millennial salesperson is a top priority. For most, it’s also a challenge.

Sure, making the office more appealing helps, but tried-and-true leadership, mentorship and guidance will beat free snacks every time. It turns out, supportive manager relationships help retain sales reps of all ages.

Class Is In Session: Continuing Education For B2B Marketing And Sales


In my opinion, you’re never too cool for school. And B2B marketing and sales professionals are no exception. As the B2B landscape progresses, there will always be something new to learn or perfect. That’s why companies such as Brainshark, HubSpot and SiriusDecisions are looking to empower marketers and sales reps with the fundamentals they need to better their marketing and sales efforts.

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Common Challenges Of B2B Sales Coaching

About three-quarters of B2B companies say coaching is the most important role that sales managers play, according to research from Forbes Insights and Brainshark. But that doesn’t mean coaching is actually taking place. Often, B2B sales managers do not have the time or resources to effectively coach and enable their sales teams. This infographic from Brainshark and CloudCoaching International highlights the common challenges of B2B sales coaching, and also provides potential solutions to help alleviate those pain points.

Brainshark Debuts Sales Coaching and Prospecting Solutions

390179ecd7b740e19f17301845c61dd1Sales enablement solutions provider Brainshark unveiled new offerings designed to increase sales productivity by enhancing coaching and prospecting effectiveness. The company’s new coaching capabilities aim to enable sales managers to train their team, while a new integration with Microsoft Outlook allows reps to find and send sales content within their email.

SAVO Group Announces Update To Sales Enablement Software

There's no doubt that sales and marketing organizations are embracing mobile technology. As this week's Demand Gen Report feature story points out, best-in-class field sales organizations are far more likely to adopt mobile tools, and they're also more likely to integrate these tools with a wider range of business activities.

It's against this background that SAVO Group is introducing some significant updates to its sales enablement software suite. The current series of apps, which are designed for the iPad, iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry and Kindle Fire platforms, are designed to give field sales reps access to relevant content, sales coaching, subject matter experts and sales best practices.

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