Aims To Enable Sales Teams With Coaching Initiatives And Scorecards

Published: July 30, 2019, a conversation intelligence platform, launched Coaching Initiatives and Scorecards tools designed to help sales enablement leaders provide high-impact coaching to sales professionals in less time.


The new tools aim to enable sales leaders, managers and enablement teams to launch, drive and measure the efficacy of multiple initiatives at the same time (e.g. improving sales discovery skills or better addressing competitors). Scorecards tied to each initiative are designed to allow sales leaders to score calls and provide personalized coaching to strengthen reps’ skills.

The platform is positioned to use AI to automatically suggest which meetings managers need to score, so they don’t spend time looking for reps’ calls. is also designed to recommend a playlist of high-scoring calls for each initiative, allowing sales reps to self-learn best practices.

In addition, the tools aim to measure the success of these initiatives by tracking scores over time for individual reps and teams.

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Coaching Initiatives and Scorecards are intended for sales leaders, including CROs, VPs and Directors of Sales, as well as sales enablement teams focused on increasing quota achievement and win rates through adherence to approved sales messaging, accelerated onboarding and training processes for reps. Users include sales enablement leaders and sales executives across all industries.

COMPATIBILITY is positioned to integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot and Oracle Engagement Cloud.


The pricing model is based on the number of users who record their meetings. The pricing is a subscription fee per user, per month. Users who only want to access’s data/recordings without recording any of their own meetings are completely free.


Hundreds of customers currently utilize, including Zoom, Outreach, Qualtrics, Adobe and GitLab.

COMPETITIVE POSITIONING’s proprietary AI is built to automatically identify and curate key learning moments for sales and customer success teams. Coaching Initiatives and Scorecards are designed to help reps improve their messaging and best practices, while enabling managers to track skill improvement over time and program ROI. 

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