Ipswitch Spills The Details On How To Craft Award-Winning Content

Published: June 6, 2018

No matter what industry they’re in, today’s B2B professionals are looking for authentic, audience-based content to help them do their jobs better. Gone are the days where the blog section of a company’s website is packed with product-related information.

According to Demand Gen Report’s 2018 Content Preferences Study, B2B buyers are becoming more selective in the content they consume and the amount of time they spend on a piece of content. A majority of respondents (88%) stated that content producers need to focus less on product specifics and more on the value that can be brought to their business. 

Ipswitch, an IT management software developer for SMBs, wanted to increase organic traffic and reach a wider audience of IT professionals through a fresh blog series. The “Defrag This” blog was launched in 2016 with the goal of creating content about topics that cater to system administrators, chief security officers (CSOs), chief information officers (CIOs) in the finance, healthcare and government industries. Most of the content revolved around a big issue on IT professionals’ minds: cybersecurity.

The company started doing podcasts in an effort to amplify the blog and give people new ways to digest content. Podcasts have been a growing trend among B2B companies lately, with 64% of respondents to the 2018 Content Preferences Study saying it’s a valuable format in the early stage of the journey. 

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For Ipswitch, social amplification was huge, as content and social come hand-in-hand for Senior Content Manager Greg Mooney. The company used social media — mostly paid in the beginning, followed by organic — as a tool to amplify content efforts to build a blog and podcast following. The company also partnered with The Pedowitz Group to help them create a strategy that proves ROI. Their efforts paid off, as the Ipswitch campaign generated great success, including:

  • A growth of monthly blog visitors from 1,800 in February 2017 to more than 26,000 in October 2017; and
  • Organic blog traffic growth from less than 2,000 in January 2016 to almost 10,000 in October 2017.

Ipswich’s efforts also earned the company a 2018 Killer Content Award for Social Amplification!

During the next installment of our Killer Content Showcase Series, Demand Gen Report News Editor Brian Anderson will sit down with Mooney over Skype to get a behind-the-scenes look at the “Defrag This” campaign. They will dive deep into topics such as podcasts, the benefits of a paid social strategy, how to get buy-in for campaigns and much more. Don’t miss it!

Join us on June 6, 2018 at 3 PM ET to watch the conversation! Add To Calendar

P.S. Have a Finny-worthy campaign? The 2019 Killer Content Award nominations will open soon! Stay tuned for the announcement later in the month. 

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