ARCOS Turns Web Traffic Into Pipeline With Intent Data

Published: September 4, 2020

ARCOS, a software company that provides automated crew callout and resource management software for finding and tracking repair crews for utility companies, was looking to break into new industries. The company sought to pursue buyers within manufacturing, oil and gas companies.

After using tried-and-true marketing methods that produced leads but failed to convert, ARCOS partnered with intent data company Bombora to better understand who is coming to the site and transform those site visits into closed-won business.


After using some traditional marketing strategies — such as lists, webcasts and emails — ARCOS was able to produce some leads but were unable to close on those leads.

“We were not converting leads, so we started looking at intent-based marketing, trying to listen to the market and identify prospects early in the buying process,” said Lisa Steinhart, VP of Marketing and Product at ARCOS.

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It turned out there was a huge blind spot: Failing to capture website traffic and turn them into leads. By not knowing who was visiting their site, it was impossible to know which potential customers were looking for their services and visiting the website. ARCOS decided to use an intent data approach to boost their marketing efforts.


With Bombora, ARCOS developed a multi-layered approach that identified intent topic clusters based on product use cases and matched them with email nurture paths in Marketo. When a target business showed intent on a relevant topic cluster, it was automatically added to the email nurture path. If the target business took an action, the prospect received a call from ARCOS within an hour.

“We were able to test the data and it was stronger than the competition,” said Tyler Jack, Lead Generation Specialist. “The team at Bombora was more transparent about the data source, much easier to communicate with, and we saw impact quickly.”

The Results

After just one quarter (Q1 2020), there was a significant impact on website traffic, lead conversions and sales pipeline contribution from emerging markets. Specifically, the ARCOS saw:

  • A 120% increase in website traffic;
  • 34% of leads in the first 90 days come from Company Surgeâ data;
  • Nearly no lead conversions in Q1 2019 to 17 in Q1 2020; and
  • More than $13 million in sales pipeline.

“[ARCOS] was able to understand which companies to focus on with the right messaging because they’re able to get that data from Bombora around which target companies are interested in specific topics related to specific nurture paths,” said Millie Resnick, VP of Product Marketing at Bombora.

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