Netskope Streamlines Data Processes With Improved Attribution Models, Internal Collaboration

Published: August 23, 2021

Netskope, a computer security software provider, sought to build a comprehensive go-to-market (GTM) strategy that allowed its marketing and SDR teams to manage all aspects of the buyer’s journey. To do this, the company realized that they needed to provide its teams with full touchpoint visibility within its sales cycles while ensuring relevant data was not lost.

After identifying the need for full sales cycle analysis and optimal team collaboration, Netskope turned to Openprise, a RevOps process automation platform, to build systems that managed all buyer touchpoints throughout the sales cycle and ensured its marketing team was providing timely, accurate data for SDRs.

The Challenge

Netskope wanted to improve its ability to identify where buyers are in their journeys, using various touchpoints to enhance marketing and sales’ buyer data and build a data-driven database for use in current and future interactions.

“This is visibility not just for the SDRs, but for everyone,” explained Josh Ren, Director of Marketing Operations at Netskope, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “If you think about how long a deal cycle is, there are lots of avenues the person on that deal is engaging with. With multiple campaigns and touchpoints, it’s not just a one-and-done kind of thing. We needed to make sure we’re tracking all the touchpoints that occur within the sales cycle and bring that visibility to the teams that need it.”

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The organization realized that the overall health of its deals hinged on the SDRs ability to go to market effectively, and that accurate data was needed to engage prospects at various deal stages. They needed a system that would help marketing manage touchpoint analysis to provide the highest quality leads and insights to SDRs.

Netskope decided that the system would also need to improve the hand-off process between sales and marketing, with no data being lost in the process. SDRs needed full visibility of the marketing team’s touchpoints to ensure no data was inaccurate or lost.

The Solution

To enhance their existing GTM strategy, Ren turned to Openprise to help create a new data management system that analyzed all Netskope’s desired buyer journey touchpoints and foster alignment between marketing and sales.

By leveraging the Openprise process automation technology, the team was able to develop new attribution models that allowed them to identify, track and measure the various marketing touchpoints a buyer took throughout their journey. These new models organized Netskope’s data to help automatically keep their touchpoint data clean and easily transferrable to SDRs.

“People shouldn’t be thinking about data or attribution, they need to think about the process,” said Allen Pogorzelski, VP of Marketing at Openprise,in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “All of our customers’ data is continuously cleaned to make sure that their data stays pristine, which is important when you’re constantly making decisions about what campaigns to keep and which ones to jettison. Data orchestration platforms can automate these processes for marketing and sales success.”

In an effort to futher unify both marketing and SDRs under one GTM strategy, Netskope reworked its internal collaboration process to gain full visibility of deal cycles from marketing’s identification to final engagement from sales.

“We developed a better sense of how to write our requirements and how to structure our projects or plans to execute projects in a timely fashion,” said Ren. “They helped us shift the team’s focus away from the traditional attribution models to a ‘let’s approach our opportunities as one GTM team’ mindset.”

The Results

By working with Openprise, Netskope was able to achieve full buyer visibility across multiple touchpoints in campaigns for an organized and aligned GTM strategy.

The new attribution models automated Netskope’s data collection and analysis process, allowing its marketing team to input new data and glean new insights for SDRs to use. Its SDRs, in turn, were able to access a wide range of buyer insights from across deal cycles for more accurate GTM engagement.

“I was able to introduce Openprise at such a foundational level and in an early, critical stage of our company, and it has completely changed our data foundation,” said Ren. “The number of projects and additional things we want to do now has only grown. We haven’t even gotten to the next level of all the cool stuff that we want to do yet, but now we have a baseline set. To me, it’s not a ‘am I going to continue to work with Openprise?’ it’s more like, ‘what am I going to work on with them next?’”

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