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Why Machine Learning Matters To B2B Companies

Abhi Yadav ZylotechB2C companies use machine learning for a wide range of use cases ranging from personalized recommendations, intelligent chatbots and hyperlocal advertising, just to name a few. While the number of B2C companies using machine learning is skyrocketing, adoption by B2B companies has yet to take off.

It’s time for B2B companies to get their game on. Here are some of the ways machine learning can make a significant difference for B2B companies.

DialogTech Acquires Swydo To Power Omnichannel Marketing

1dialogtechDialogTech, a marketing analytics provider for inbound calling, has acquired Swydo, a provider of digital marketing dashboards, reports and visualizations. Through the acquisition, DialogTech customers are positioned to view their call analytics data alongside their martech and adtech performance data within the DialogTech platform.

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