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New Approaches To Automating B2B Marketing Debated By Industry Thought Leaders

Last week Bulldog Solutions hosted a webcast, "The State of Demand Generation 2012: Trends and Guidance,” hosted by Bulldog Solutions. The webcast, which featured three expert panelists, who also contributed to a recent DemandGen special report on this topic, examined several of the most important challenges and opportunities facing B2B marketers.

One area where the panelists differed involved the importance of persona-driven versus account-driven approaches to B2B marketing. "One of the biggest obstacles we face is that we don't pay enough attention to the fact that we sell to companies and not individuals," noted Jason Stewart, Director of Marketing at Demandbase. "B2B techniques of one-to-one marketing are sort of encroaching into our B2B space" – a trend, he noted, that leads to marketers "neglecting the top of the funnel" as they lean too heavily upon tools that profile and target individual buyers.

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