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Top Stories Of 2017: Audience-Centric Marketers Showed Interests In Bots, Storytelling & GDPR

2017 was the year when B2B marketers shifted their focus from the product to the customer.  Looking for greater engagement with target accounts and buying groups, companies showed interest in new frameworks, such as SiriusDecisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall. They also welcomed inside sales into marketing teams for greater alignment to better cater customer demands for more personalization and one-on-one interactions.

Oracle Introduces Adaptive Intelligent Apps And AI-Powered Bots


Oracle has announced the launch of new artificial intelligence (AI) apps for marketing and sales professionals. Called Adaptive Intelligent Apps, and built into the existing Oracle Cloud applications, the features are designed to simplify the decision-making process and drive more efficiency among business professionals across the organization.

Are Bots The Next Generation Of B2B Marketing Employees?

As buyers continue to be more equipped to do their own research during the buying process, a new wave of technology has blossomed to help aid them in these efforts. Virtual assistants—whether through voice or chat—have been creeping into the B2C landscape for some time now, but experts agree their potential in B2B is even greater. B2B companies, such as Coolfront Technologies, have seen great success by avoiding new hires and implementing bots as part of their sales teams.

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