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Drift Launches Prospector Tool

Drift, a revenue acceleration platform, has launched Drift Prospector, a new tool that aims to help sales and marketers accelerate revenue for their businesses by centralizing all business data across the tech stack.

The launch of Drift Prospector takes Drift’s offerings beyond Conversational Marketing into a new category that services both sales and marketing: Revenue Acceleration. The tool’s features are designed to help organizations:

  • Identify accounts to focus on by collecting all buying signals on contacts and accounts to build an engagement score, automatically prioritizing targets for outreach;
  • Identify buying committees and their needs through previously engaged centralized contacts/accounts; and
  • Notify sales of activity on website landing pages, email openings or video engagement to engage buyers through relevant, real-time conversations.

“Sellers are not nearly as productive as they should be,” said David Cancel, Founder and CEO of Drift, in a statement. “Nearly two-thirds of their time is spent on activity that doesn’t drive revenue. That means an SDR, for example, only has a 16% chance of consistently hitting their quota each month. We built Drift Prospector to solve that pain point. It centralizes the sales reps’ work so they can focus on what really matters: driving engagement with the right buyers, at the right time.”