HubSpot Integrates With Workplace By Facebook To Drive Sales Efficiency

HubSpot has released a new integration with Workplace by Facebook that aims to increase sales productivity by unifying sales channels and information under a single platform.

The integration is designed to provide sales representatives with notifications on Workplace about activity from leads or other members of the sales team within HubSpot. The Workplace notifications are positioned to include links directly to HubSpot so sales representatives can manage and streamline their efforts without having to manually check both channels.

Customers who use both HubSpot and Workplace can access the integration.

"Facebook's social technology revolutionized how people connect, and we're excited about what that same technology can bring to the business world," said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot, in a statement. "By integrating with Workplace, we're able to unite the tools our customers use, save them time and help them increase productivity. In sales, every minute of the day is valuable, and this integration is going to make sure that reps never miss a valuable opportunity."