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Infer Unveils Account Scoring Solution

infer dashboardInfer, a provider of predictive applications, announced the general availability of its Account Scoring solution, a service designed to help businesses source more sales opportunities by ranking cold accounts based on their fit for the product and revenue potential. The new service was unveiled at the SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville, Tenn.

Infer’s fit and behavior models positions users to analyze key signals — such as a company’s business model, technology vendors, relevant job postings, public filings, social presence, marketing automation data, product usage data, and other attributes — to produce account, contact and lead scores. The scores can then be shared with the CRM system.

“When it comes to predictive scoring, we help companies build the right model or set of models to support their business objectives,” said Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer. “Infer’s account scoring is yet another way we’re leveraging our experience across a large customer base to help sales and marketing teams find pipeline opportunities with pinpoint precision.”

Yesware, a provider of email tracking technology, has been using the account scoring system to help prioritize leads and ensure sales teams are spending the right resources on the right accounts. “Infer has been a secret weapon for us in bubbling the hottest leads to the top, and keeping the ones that need a little more marketing nurture from consuming our precious sales resources,” said Zoe Silverman, Sales Operations Manager at Yesware.