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NetLine Corporation Adds New Lead Gen Features To Portal

1netlineNetLine Corporation, a content syndication and lead generation services provider, has announced new features for its Portal lead generation platform. The enhancements are designed to help self-serve and full-service clients optimize their lead generation campaigns with greater variation in content offerings and interactive traffic reports.

The release includes the ability to generate leads for Live Events, as well as:

  • Real-Time Dynamic Reporting, designed to enable clients to quickly absorb information and convert metrics into tactics; and
  • Impressions Reports, which aims to deliver a comprehensive view of impressions and audience engagement outside the scope of the lead profile.

“Content-based lead generation requires an always-on and data-centric approach to truly understand campaign performance,” said Robert Alvin, Founder and CEO of NetLine. “The increased visibility into behavior with the Portal means marketers have more insight and control over how content works for their brand and what is truly driving their business forward.”