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Radius Announces New Integrations With DMPs, Facebook, Google And Twitter

Radius, a B2B data and intelligence company, unveiled new integrations across data management providers (DMPs), Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter. The integrations are designed to enable users to connect existing email, direct mail, telesales and other existing channels to identify and target audiences in a comprehensive, omnichannel environment.

Using foundational data gathered through the Radius platform, Radius clients can integrate that data throughout their tech stacks—including CRM, MAP and now ad platforms via Google, Facebook and Twitter. The company said this ultimately can help expand reach, personalize messaging and boost conversions.

“An omnichannel marketing approach is no longer just for B2C companies, and Radius is leading the way in enabling multiple marketing channels for the world of B2B,” said Darian Shirazi, CEO of Radius, in a statement. “Our customers are excited about getting in front of their key prospects wherever they are and not wasting their digital spend on prospects that will never be customers.”