Are You Content With Your Content?

By Julie Zadow, Marketing VP, Aberdeen Group

JulieZadow-pictureI’ve been thinking about the adage that everything old becomes new again, and about how it relates to the epic rise of content marketing as a buzzword, rallying cry and all-important directional philosophy for marketers around the globe. How did we get here?

Spikes In Sales, Pipeline Activity Point To 2010 Emerging As Breakout Year

Last month we published an article predicting adoption of demand generation and marketing automation solutions was poised for a growth surge in 2010. However, the fourth quarter sales growth reported by several vendors, combined with a significant uptick in pipeline activity during the first few weeks of the New Year, point to 2010 emerging as a breakout year for the category.

New Aberdeen Report Spotlights Revenue Impact of Lead Lifecycle Management

Over 80% of BtoB organizations admit a lack of synergy between the sales and marketing functions ultimately leads to lost revenue opportunities, according to new research from Aberdeen Group. Taking a holistic view of demand generation, a new report titled “Lead Lifecycle Management: Building a Pipeline that Never Leaks” found a significant increase in activity around lead management. According to the report, 81% of Best in Class (BIC) organizations use lead management tools, compared to 42% of Laggard organizations and 33% planning to use the solutions in the next two years.

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