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Tealium Launches Predict Solution Powered By Machine Learning

1tealiumSSIntegrated into Tealium AudienceStream, a data-first customer data platform that is designed to create highly granular, unified customer profiles from every touchpoint, Tealium Predict aims to create and activate trustworthy machine learning insights using cross-channel customer behavior data. Visitors are scored based on the likelihood to complete any action, and then companies can use this score to trigger action in integrated systems across the entire tech stack. Customers can feed machine learning models with pre-cleansed data, use that data to score users demonstrating behavior with predictive potential and take action on that predictive potential all within the same, natively integrated platform.

How B2B Organizations Are Seeing The 360-Degree View Of The Customer Take Shape

Allen Pogorzelski 1 2 1Over 20 years ago, the elusive “360-degree view of the customer” was a value proposition in datasheets from just about every Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software suite provider and data warehousing vendor. Over time, marketers have tried to keep their categories fresh by renaming them and adding new capabilities. Decision support systems became business intelligence solutions and data warehousing solutions morphed into Customer Data Platform (CDPs). With the evolution of all these systems and all these new capabilities, have most companies achieved his 360-degree view?

Radius Aims To Offer Single B2B Data Source With Unify Platform

Radius Unify’s enterprise B2B customer data platform is designed to allow B2B marketers to access a single data source, so they can streamline their pipeline, transform their data strategy and improve customer experiences.


The platform is positioned to give marketers a 360-degree view of every possible customer via The Network of Record. It aims to provide trusted, real-time data and enable marketing teams to create “master records” with an unlimited scale for enterprise data volumes to drive growth, reduce costs and avoid the plague of inaccurate data.


Radius Unify was developed for B2B vendors, marketers and sales teams.


It is positioned to integrate with cloud platforms, databases and third-party data providers, including but not limited to Marketo, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Informatica, Bombora and Dun & Bradstreet.


Customers include American Express, SalesFusion, PATLive and more.


Radius Unify aims to provide B2B marketers with 180-degree improvement in data management and a 360-degree view into every buyer. It is positioned to help companies discover, manage and reach their audiences, as well as reduce data costs and streamline marketing pipelines.


353 Sacramento Street
Floor 20
San Francisco, CA 94111

Segment Closes $64 Million In Funding

From left to right: Calvin French-Owen, Peter Reinhardt and Ilya Volodarsky

Segment, the customer data platform, announced it has raised $64 million in Series C funding led by the Y Combinator Continuity Fund. Existing investors Accel, Thrive Capital, Ron Conway’s SV Angel and NEA also participated in the round.

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