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Delivra Unveils Drip Campaign Builder To Streamline Nurturing

Email marketing service provider Delivra has launched the Drip Campaign Builder toll for its email marketing platform. The feature is designed to provide users with the tools to schedule lead nurturing email campaigns, as well as help determine the types of emails to send based on the subscriber’s actions.

Vertical Industry Marketing Gains Momentum But Requires A Learning Curve

shutterstock 69698566Vertical-based marketing offers a huge opportunity for growth, but it requires a deep understanding of a particular business segment that goes beyond simply adding a few “insider” phrases to generic content. With careful positioning around a benefit statement for a specific market or even accounts within a market, businesses can drive profitable long-term engagements within a vertical, experts told Demand Gen Report.

“The most common mistake marketers make in terms of vertical industry marketing is thinking that adding a few buzzwords and niche terms to their marketing collateral is enough to appeal to their desired vertical,” said Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD. “The reality is that marketers must demonstrate a certain level of expertise in that industry — which means committing to a learning curve in which they understand the end user’s challenges and pain points.”

Vidcaster Video Platform Integrates With Marketo

vidcaster logoVidcaster, a provider of video marketing solutions, has announced an integration with Marketo that enables users to capture and score lead behavior with any video player embedded on a web site and funnel that data into Marketo’s marketing automation platform.

The Vidcaster Leadwall enables users to tailor their video gate to generate lead data that is automatically streamed into Marketo activity logs. This data can be used to trigger nurture campaigns, impact lead scores and ultimately deliver detailed data to their CRM to optimize their ongoing sales process.

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