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Lob Confidence Score Aims To Improve Direct Mail Targeting & Efficiency

Direct mail software provider Lob uses its Confidence Score API feature to help companies improve their direct mail and address verification capabilities, broadening campaign audiences without increasing return-to-sender accounts.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Lob Confidence Score is designed to integrate with CRMs and marketing automation platforms, which helps users automate their direct mail and address verification processes to increase direct mail efficiency and target a wider audience.

The solution leverages Lob’s mail tracking data from its Print & Mail and Address Verification APIs, allowing users to score customer addresses between 0-100 to predict the likelihood of successful delivery. The tracking data also feeds the Confidence Score algorithm to improve the accuracy of the Confidence Score for future verifications.

Who It's For

The solution is designed for marketing and demand gen leaders looking to maximize their direct mail audiences without incurring wasted costs on undeliverable mail.

What Makes It Special

The solution uses real delivery data rather than relying strictly on postal data, which provides users with the most accurate and comprehensive mail delivery data possible.