Optimizely Launches New Program Management Capabilities

  • Written by Stephen Betz, Contributing Writer
  • Published in Solution Spotlight

1optimizelySSProgram Management is a new set of capabilities for the Optimizely X platform that are designed to help companies scale their website experimentation program across their entire organization with new tools for collaboration, reporting and oversight.  


Key features of the program include:

  • Teams: Designed for experimentation teams, users can manage the entire process of designing and creating an experiment from hypothesis through analysis; and
  • Program Reporting: Provides insights for tracking the velocity of an entire experimentation program, aiming to help users understand how those experiments are performing across projects and teams, discover new insights, and iterate more rapidly on the best ideas.

Targeted Users:

Program Management will provide the most value for Enterprise customers who are managing experimentation programs at scale.


Optimizely Program Management is currently in beta, when this capability becomes generally available, it will be available within certain Optimizely plans.


Optimizely Program Management is an industry-first solution.  With these new capabilities, Optimizely customers can scale their experimentation programs more efficiently by bringing together functions that previously existed outside the platform in disparate systems and locations.


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