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SugarCRM’s Integrated Playbook Seeks To Boost Productivity & Workflow

SugarCRM provides B2B organizations with campaign engagement and management software to help them better connect with buyers, increase engagement and measure the impact of their marketing initiatives. SugarCRM introduced an integrated “playbook” functionality to support guided selling and advanced CRM process automation.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The no-code toolset helps enable users to design, visualize and automate sales, service and marketing processes. SugarCRM customers can create playbooks and templates for sales plays, sales methodologies, guided selling, service processes, lead nurturing and more. Embedded analytics provide the ability to monitor progress and outcomes in real-time to help sales, marketing and service teams to boost buyer engagement, drive greater customer trust and satisfaction, improve win rates and increase revenues.

Who It's For

SugarCRM is a cloud-based, AI-driven CRM platform for mid-market and enterprise companies and provides a full CX management solution across marketing, sales and service teams. Sugar playbooks accelerate time-to-productivity by speeding up the process and workflow. This functionality comes through the acquisition of AddOptify, a provider of guided selling solutions for SugarCRM customers worldwide.

What It Solves

The playbook technology was created to help enable sellers to deliver higher quality sales engagement at scale.

What Makes It Special

The integration of automation and playbook functionality is the latest example of Sugar’s commitment to making the hard things easier and letting the platform do the work to create a high-definition CX. It also reflects Sugar’s commitment to offering no-code/low-code capabilities designed to put change in the hands of non-technical business users. Soon, Sugar plans to provide additional playbooks and templates for processes including lead qualification, customer on-boarding, case management, troubleshooting and other human-in-the-loop customer interactions spanning the sales, marketing and service realms.



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