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Aprimo Introduces New Campaign Management Feature

Aprimo Campaign is a campaign management solution designed to access and select lead lists from millions of contacts and transactions across multiple data sources. It enables marketers to manage customer and prospect lead lists into test and control cells, associate those cells with offers and creative treatments and orchestrate distribution across marketing channels, CRM systems and vendors.

CallidusCloud Acquires LeadRocket To Arm Sales With Marketing Data

Callidus LeadRocket logosCallidusCloud acquired LeadRocket, Inc., a social engagement and digital marketing platform provider. The acquisition will equip sales professionals with social media tools and enable access to marketing data from any device, according to officials for both companies.

"The new LeadRocket technology is unique in the way it delivers marketing capabilities to sales professionals," said Rory Cameron, SVP, Learning and Marketing Platforms, CallidusCloud. "With this acquisition, we are putting marketing automation in the pocket of every sales professional. Using LeadRocket, sales will be able to listen to and engage prospects on social media as well as initiate campaigns, all on a mobile device, anywhere, anytime."

CampaignCore From Averetek

AveretekCampaignCore was created to help ensure partners and affiliates are equipped and prepared to plan and execute campaigns on the local level. Created by Averetek, the engine was designed to tailor campaigns and assets in 17 languages, helping to meet the diverse needs of global partner ecosystems.

B2B Benchmark Survey Reveals Marketers Expect To Spend More On Demand Gen In 2013

176613314801546161One third of B2B marketers say their demand generation budgets will grow by more than 20% in 2013, lead quality is getting increased scrutiny and social media as a B2B marketing tactic is on the rise. Those are just some of the results shared in this preview of the 2013 Demand Gen Report Benchmark Survey.

The survey was designed to gauge marketers’ demand generation spending plans for 2013 and how those budgets compare to the overall marketing budgets. The survey also looked at how marketers will allocate their demand generation dollars in the coming year.

Marketers Discuss Cross-Channel Limitations, Top Technology Tools

There’s no need to build the case for cross-channel marketing because it’s already top of mind for a majority of marketers. But cross-channel initiatives still face challenges, including budget constraints, lack of technical expertise and staffing.

A commissioned study, “The Key To Successful Cross-Channel Marketing,” conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ExactTarget, highlights how marketers are preparing for cross-channel marketing. The greatest challenges, according to the report, are understanding customer behavior and managing multichannel execution.

Study Finds That Marketing Automation Is A High Priority For SMB Firms

A new study finds that marketing automation technology is increasingly important to the SMB market – and that early adopters aren’t just the only ones benefitting from the trend.

The study, conducted by Techaisle, found that 28% of mid-sized firms with 100-999 employees currently use marketing automation technology, and 10% of small firms with less than 100 employees use marketing automation. Another 36% percent of the SMBs surveyed said they plan to use a marketing automation solution, and marketing automation is now one of the top 10 technology investments for SMBs.

Both small and mid-sized firms reported that they use marketing automation primarily to identify new customers, generate additional revenue from current customers and better manage their demand generation activities.

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