Banzai Reveals New ‘Boost’ Offering To Help Increase Virtual Event Registration

Published: January 13, 2023

Banzai International, Inc., an end-to-end video engagement platform, launched Boost, a new add-on for its engagement marketing platform, Demio, to help marketers increase registrations for virtual webinars and events.

Boost is designed to incentivize existing registrants to become promoters of the event by offering the opportunity to earn rewards and gifts when sharing a virtual event with colleagues. Boost integrates with Demio by serving as an in-platform, customizable social media and email sharing function.

“Boost helps solve a key problem in the marketing industry, which is driving registrations for live and automated webinars and events,” said Joe Davy, CEO of Banzai, in a statement. “Many of our customers currently do this in a cumbersome way. Boost makes it easier for our customers to promote and host events all in one platform while simultaneously expanding their audience. Boost represents our dedication to innovation and seamless interaction between our products, streamlining live and automated video campaigns for B2B marketers in all industries.”

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