Bizible Updates Custom Attribution Modeling With Machine Learning

Published: January 31, 2017

placeitBizible, a B2B marketing attribution solution, announced it has updated its custom attribution modeling with machine learning recommendation capabilities. The new capabilities enable companies to define how marketing touchpoints contribute to a closed deal with a machine learning algorithm, which can recommend models based on historical conversion performance and specified stages, according to the company.

Bizible said the solution will enable users to implement a revenue attribution model with accurate marketing measurement and optimization. Custom attribution modeling data is available to users through external dashboards and the CRM. 

“Understanding marketing performance on revenue has long been a challenge for so many companies,” said Aaron Bird, CEO of Bizible, in a blog post detailing the announcement. “This update makes it easier for companies to ditch the legacy MQL method of measurement and optimization, and instead, implement a revenue attribution model that works specifically for them.”

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