Clearbit Reveals Partnership With G2 Designed To Enhance Pipeline Discovery & Capture

Published: November 17, 2022

Clearbit, a B2B data activation platform, built a new integration to action G2‘s buyer intent data alongside Clearbit’s company intelligence and audience management to help marketers better engage targets at the right time.

Customers of G2 and Clearbit can now access all their relevant G2 buyer intent signals directly in Clearbit. By using Clearbit’s Audience Builder with G2 signals, alongside Clearbit’s company intelligence and revealed website visitors, teams can now discover and engage high-quality potential pipeline by:

  • Identifying best-fit companies researching solutions on G2 and using Clearbit Capture to discover key buyer contact information for immediate marketing or sales outreach;
  • Layering G2’s signals and buyer intent score with Clearbit’s company data to score and prioritize new leads or open opportunities; and
  • Knowing when customers up for renewal are viewing alternatives or comparing to other product pages on G2.

“Marketers know that engaging the right companies at the right time is key, but with increased pressure to build high-quality pipeline, it’s never been more critical,” said Harlow Ward, CTO of Clearbit, in a statement. “With G2 and Clearbit, teams can now leverage the powerful combination of company fit and buyer intent to focus their funnel, and even use Clearbit Capture to discover key buyers and contacts at their best-fit, high-intent prospects.”

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