Contentstack Adds OpenAI ChatGPT Integration To Its Platform

Published: March 21, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • Contentstack announced a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant for its headless CMS platform.
  • The AI assistant seeks to help teams create brand- and tone-specific content, summaries, outlines, keyword-optimized blogs and more.

Contentstack, a composable digital experience provider (DXP), revealed a ChatGPT integration for its headless content management system that seeks to help content teams create, test and translate short or long form content in seconds with an AI assistant.

The AI assistant leverages ChatGPT through in-line user interface extensions to assist teams in the creation of brand- and tone-specific content in seconds. Additionally, the integration helps content editors and publishers create summaries, outlines, metadata tags and descriptions, headlines and full-length keyword-optimized blogs in a few clicks, with the ability to have it all translated with just a single prompt to the assistant.

“AI fits hand-in-glove with headless CMS and more broadly with a modern composable DXP stack,” said Conor Egan, VP of Product at Contentstack, in a statement. “The ChatGPT integration is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of new AI-assisted functions and capabilities. Ultimately, we see AI and automation technologies touching virtually all facets of the digital experience stack, transforming content creation, code development and asset creation forever.”

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