Crownpeak Launches Experience Optimization Platform For Cross-Channel Digital Engagement

Published: September 17, 2021

Crownpeak, a digital experience platform (DXP), unveiled a new digital experience optimization tool called Crownpeak Experience Optimization Engine. With Crownpeaks’ recent research showing that 94% of B2B businesses prioritize agility when delivering meaningful digital experiences, the new solution is designed to allow users to effectively build and manage their buyer experiences for multiple channels at scale.

The Engine is the product of a partnership between Crownpeak and experience optimization platform Dynamic Yield, and aims to provide clients with the tools to build, test and deploy digital experiences from one location. Users can create relevant digital content for each stage of the buyer’s journey to help increase revenue and engagement in all appropriate channels.

Specific features of the solution include:

  • AI-powered content recommendations that adapt to a buyer’s individual preferences for real-time, personalized engagement;
  • Advanced segmentation and analytics designed to help users identify audience segments for personalization efforts;
  • Cross-channel capabilities that enable buyers to engage and reengage with content wherever they are, including desktop, mobile and email chains;
  • Personalization tools that help users customize their content for optimal digital engagement, which include layout templates, menu bars, displays ads, pop-ups, calls-to-action (CTAs) and text;
  • Unified customer profiles that provide up-to-date buyer data for greater buyer visibility and more relevant experiences; and
  • Testing and optimization capabilities designed to maximize content performance and enhance workflows.

“Buyers today are more empowered, independent and online — often preferring to navigate their journeys themselves, rather than engage with sales upfront,” said Lacey Ford, CMO of Crownpeak, in a statement. “That’s why it’s incredibly important to provide tailored, relevant and easy-to-navigate digital experiences that draw prospects to you and keep them engaged. Our experience optimization engine and partnership with Dynamic Yield enable companies to make the most of their content — using personalization and A/B testing to create cohesive buyer journeys and impactful customer experiences that ultimately increase sales.”

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