Infer Looks To Enhance ABM Targeting With Account-Based Behavior Scoring Solution

Published: August 16, 2016

Infer, a provider of predictive marketing solutions, has released a new account-based behavioral scoring solution. The company said that the tool can help B2B marketing teams enhance their campaign targeting capabilities to focus on key accounts with the highest propensity to buy.

The new solution can provide insight into buyer actions — including email engagement, web behavior and user-defined events — and then map that activity data from individual leads to the appropriate accounts in Salesforce, according to Infer.

The company also said that its predictive models can analyze behavioral signals daily to predict imminent conversion events based on factors such as the timing of each action, activity spikes and continued engagement.

Other features include:

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  • The ability to connect with a company’s marketing automation platform such as Marketo, Pardot or Oracle Eloqua to gain a full-funnel view of activity signals across the buyer’s journey;
  • Actionable sales intelligence at the account level, including the amount of engaged contacts in a given account or market segment, as well as account fit; and
  • Engagement trend reports that can help users understand whether they’re reaching their target markets with the right messaging.

The new solution’s use of advanced data science and its deep integrations into both marketing automation platforms and CRM systems are what make the tool unique in the ABM tech space, according to Sean Zinsmeister, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Infer.

“Rather than manually adding up cumulative points, we mine signals from every engagement each person has with your company, and we automatically analyze timing, activity spikes or declines and key behavior combinations to produce accurate scores,” Zinsmeister said in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “Then we seamlessly match those leads to accounts in your CRM system to provide the missing piece of ABM.”

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