Leadspace-Eloqua Integration Enables Lead Targeting Through Social Data

Published: June 26, 2014

Leadspace announced a new partnership with Oracle, enabling the social-driven demand generation platform to integrate with the Oracle Eloqua marketing automation solution.

The integration will enable marketers to enrich existing leads or import leads from Leadspace seamlessly into the Eloqua platform, listen for buying signals across multiple online sources and identify and engage new customers based on this insight. The combination utilizes social data, Big Data and other sources to help marketers understand and target the most valuable prospects.

Oracle Eloqua has recently partnered with several vendors to enhance its Oracle Marketing Cloud platform, including the addition of video capabilities from Brightcove and translation services from Cloudwords.

Leadspace data, lead scoring and analytics allow users to see improved conversion and an improved sales pipeline, according to Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher.

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“Eloqua is a powerful engine for marketing automation; to run optimally, an engine depends on good fuel,” said Bewsher in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “In the long term, we expect that Leadspace will be a key, integral part of end-to-end that Eloqua and its partners provide B2B marketers to drive demand generation.”

Ultimately, users will be able to boost overall prospect engagement with the right message at the right time — based on the most accurate data and social signals.

“Marketers today need to be able to access and action all the data available via the social web to better understand and connect with prospects and customers,” said Bewsher. “With the Leadspace plus Eloqua solution, marketers can efficiently tap into the vast and valuable data on the social web in real-time to build a 360 degree profile of prospective buyers within a single, simple dashboard.”

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