Openprise Releases New Campaign Attribution Capabilities

Published: August 14, 2019

Openprise has launched new campaign attribution capabilities in the Openprise Data Orchestration Platform, which are designed to help marketers understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and address issues with real-world, “dirty” data.

  • First touch, last touch and multi-touch attribution to reflect the dynamics of each company’s buyers’ journey;
  • Multiple attribution models built to run simultaneously to identify best fit for users’ needs;
  • Custom attribution models intended to take any company’s unique requirements into account;
  • Account-based marketing measurement positioned to show marketing teams’ contributions at every stage of the sales cycle; and
  • Analytics aimed at visually representing the impact of each campaign on an opportunity or a demand unit.

“As with any other sales and marketing process, attribution models are only as good as the underlying data foundation,” said Allen Pogorzelski, Vice President of Marketing at Openprise, in a statement. “We’ve taken a fundamentally different approach than other technology companies in looking at the real-world problems that have hindered accurate attribution, and we’ve automated the dozens of underlying processes you have to get right first before you can show the shiny graphics.”

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