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The State of Marketing Automation


As we head into 2011 the marketing automation category is poised to further illuminate the shared responsibility for the pipeline. In this special report, DemandGen Report provides an in-depth look at the key trends influencing BtoB marketing in addition to an overview of the leading marketing automation suppliers.


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Referral Marketing Refreshes Traditional Lead Gen Methods


Lead management experts are aligning behind the idea that 2010 was a transformational year during which traditional sales methods began withering with the onset of a new vendor selection process driven by automation, cloud applications and social media. This effect has been chronicled and acknowledged by the BtoB media, and is reverberating through corporate ranks.

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Crawl, Walk, Run: Taking Baby Steps To Building A Successful Demand Gen Strategy



The fundamental principle of achieving anything big is by starting off small. And, when it comes to developing successful demand generation and lead management programs, nothing could be closer to the truth.

Many companies have fallen down in their early attempts to automate their marketing and lead management because they added too much complexity too quickly, without having sufficient resources and experience in place to accelerate and support the new tools and processes. This brief will give you the five baby-steps necessary to success.

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Social Media, Demand Gen & Webcasts Converge into “Community Marketing”


While marketing interactions were traditionally based on extending offers and waiting for prospects to respond, the new interactions are based on matching solutions to the needs of the buyer. Download this brief to learn how marketers are using the latest interactive web tools to have immersive social engagements with prospects.

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