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Rich Media

This section highlights the tools and tactics that marketers are employing, such as webinars and online video, due to the urgency to create interactive, engaging experiences across all prospect and customer interactions. 

VerticalResponse Launches Developer Program For Small Businesses

VerticalResponse logo2VerticalResponse, a provider of online marketing tools provider for small businesses, launched an open API and integrations marketplace. The marketplace positions developers to add email and social media marketing capabilities to their business applications.

Using the tools built by developers, marketers can create and send email newsletters, promotions and invitations that are accessible on any device. The content can also be shared via social media.

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Why Personalized Marketing Will Dominate In 2015



With unprecedented customer data, savvy marketers are creating customized experiences for site visitors. This infographic from Formstack details the trends in personalized marketing to look for in 2015.

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15 Email Marketing Myths Debunked


Many people believe that “free” in a subject line will relegate their emails the spam folder or that Monday mornings are the best times for sending emails. This infographic from Email Monks takes on some of these widely held beliefs. 

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Tracking Content Marketing ROI for Dummies


From brand awareness to customer engagement and moving prospects through the sales funnel, it's imperative that brands determine steps to figure out how effective their content marketing efforts are. Uberflip has created this infographic with some tips on tracking metrics, calculating ROI and communicating that to the team.

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Email: Wanted Dead or Alive


Emerging channels such as social media have marketers questioning if email is the most effective way to contact prospective buyers. This infographic from Marketo highlights some interesting facts disproving the rumor that email is dead, and how marketers can still leverage this channel to engage target audiences.

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Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior

dgr-timing-is-everything chart of the week temp

B2B buyer activity and research peaks at different times of the day, week, month and year. To understand those idiosyncrasies, Software Advice, a technology review site, studied six million unique visitors to its site to discover when B2B buyers perform research on the web and conversion rates from web visits.


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What The MLB Can Teach You About A/B Testing [Infographic]


After an intense World Series, B2B marketers can learn a lot from how the MLB increases its online conversion rates. Wingify highlights in this infographic about how the simple act of A/B testing can make a major impact on any company’s online sales.

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