CXO Conversations: Integrate CMO Deb Wolf On Strategic, Structural & Technological Changes In B2B Marketing

Published: February 7, 2022

In late 2021, Integrate teamed up with Heinz Marketing to conduct research to get a pulse check on what’s keeping marketers up at night. The past two years brought on a lot of pressure for marketers — between the push to digital, budget shifts and new team structures, it’s safe to say marketers’ jobs got even harder. The research even found that 60% aren’t confident that their marketing strategy, tech and team structure effectively support marketing goals. On this episode of CXO Conversations, we dive deeper into the research with Integrate’s CMO Deb Wolf. Wolf and Host Klaudia Tirico discuss:

  • Why ABM is not the great panacea, nor is it a standalone strategy;
  • The importance of an omnichannel approach in modern marketing;
  • Why and how buying groups and generational gaps are making it increasingly harder to reach accounts;
  • The things plaguing marketing, including misalignment and fatigue;
  • Why it is critical to move from a product-centric approach to an audience-centric approach; and
  • Much more.
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