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The Three Rs Of ABM

When it comes to an effective ABM strategy, B2B marketers are seeing results by focusing on “the three Rs.” This infographic from the ITSMA highlights the importance of reputation, relationships and — ultimately — revenue for practitioners to continuously deliver results with their ABM programs.

The ABM Planning Checklist

There’s more to planning an efficient ABM program than meets the eye. This infographic from the Spear Marketing Group provides readers a guide to guarantee new ABM efforts drive the desired results.

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis In Marketing Measurement

An Inside Look At How Advanced Companies Are Removing Complexity & Creating Dashboards That Deliver Actionable Insights For Modern Performance-driven Marketers According to Demand Gen Report's Marketing Measurement and Attribution Survey, 85% of marketers say their current ability to measure and analyze performance and impact is lacking. To further explore this issue, we interviewed industry experts and secured an inside…

The Anatomy Of A Successful B2B Sales Email

Since email acts as the primary communication tool for many B2B sales reps, the channel has become inundated for buyers. It’s vital to engage prospects properly so they open your emails instead of delete them. This infographic from SalesStaff shares tips, stats and best practices for writing a sales email…

8 B2B Marketing Myths Debunked

B2B marketers have a boatload of data and third-party research at their disposal. But it can lead them to believe superstitions instead of real facts. This infographic from TechnologyAdvice spotlights some of the most common misconceptions in B2B marketing and why they aren’t true.

The 2017 B2B Innovator Awards

The inaugural class of B2B Marketing Innovators is made up of 34 executives across a variety of roles and organizations. The common traits among this elite group are a passion for testing and measuring, a willingness to push the envelope with creative campaigns and messaging, and a data-driven approach to aligning with sales and driving revenue.

How Customer Review “Conversations” Strengthen Buyer Intent for Software and Service Providers

Given the complicated nature of B2B solution purchases, it's important to maintain the strength of buyer intent throughout the process, and to engage in customer conversations to gain feedback and improve user experience. An untapped area for these conversations is the customer review — specifically on review sites — where providers, users, and buyers can engage in dialogue about products…

Who Is Today’s CMO?

This infographic from Act-On Software highlights key takeaways from the company’s latest CMO Index Report. The research dives deep into the evolving role of today’s Chief Marketing Officer in the U.S. and the UK.

Why Marketers Must Take Content Marketing More Seriously

Quality content defines a marketing team’s ability to engage prospective buyers and provide the information they need to make a purchase decision—and this is only going to grow more important for future marketing efforts. This infographic from Blue Mail Media highlights some key stats and findings that show content marketing…

Building The Modern Market Research Stack

While traditional market research methods certainly have their place, the world has changed for marketing and communications practitioners. With a treasure trove of digital data now available to us, we can harness it with the right technology to gain real, deep insights. Through natural language processing and machine learning, Narrative Analytics delivers these insights on a massive scale. In this…

Writing Effective Text Messages To Promote Your Business 

Text message marketing is tricky: there are no videos, images or graphics to entice recipients visually — it's all in the words. This infographic from TextMagic shares some ground rules to carrying out a text messaging campaign effectively.
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