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How Social Is B2B?

Research shows that 65% of a salesperson’s time is spent not selling. In this digital age, it’s important to meet buyers on the channels they frequent most. That’s why social selling has such a positive effect on lead generation. Check out this infographic from InsideView to see the impact of…

B2B Marketing Bliss: Combining Intent Data With Predictive Analytics To Enhance ABM Initiatives

Marketers who rely solely on intent data or predictive analytics are missing out on valuable insights that can help simplify their ability to build ABM programs that deliver more relevant marketing and more significant revenue impact. This report will provide insights into how programs combining both intent data and predictive analytics can: Make sales teams more efficient by identifying the…

Intent Data: It’s Becoming A Key Ingredient For Revenue Growth

The increased utilization of intent data among B2B organizations has already been well documented in research reports and case studies. However, while deployments are expanding, many B2B orgs view intent data solely as a source to flag companies that may be in research mode for immediate marketing or sales outreach. However, a new study from Demand Gen Report has uncovered…

B2B Lead Generation Statistics Via Email Marketing

Lead generation is integral to sales and marketing success, and email continues to be a key channel to drive demand. This infographic from TDInsights highlights some statistics for marketers to consider when implementing an email marketing strategy or campaign.

How To Make Marketing Memorable: Separating Science From Science Fiction

Airing On: August 13, 2020 @ 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT The reason you create marketing materials is to influence your buyers' decisions. But influence is really a function of memory. After all, your buyers will make decisions based on what they remember. And you can't hope to influence those decisions if your messages and content aren't memorable.…

Inside The B2B Tech Purchase

When marketing IT and B2B tech solutions, marketers need to understand the buyer, their needs and the reasons why they are buying. This infographic from ZDNet highlights potential buyer motivations and different tech categories that shape the B2B tech purchase process.

2020 B2B Buyer Behavior Study: Purchase Plans Still Progressing Despite Disruption, But With Increased Expectations For Relevance & Personalization

Data that shows many businesses delaying purchases due to the COVID-19 crisis would not be surprising. So, it was expected when the 2020 B2B Buyer Behavior Study found that 47% of buyers indicated they had been forced to put off purchases due to budget freezes. But an even more interesting takeaway from the survey of 212 B2B business professionals was…

Am I Reaching & Engaging With The Right People In The DMU?

When marketing to an individual within a decision-making unit (DMU), it’s important to understand their specific roles for maximum engagement. This infographic from InboxInsight highlights the six major individuals in a DMU and identifies action points marketers can take for efficient outreach and engagement.
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