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The Anatomy Of Content Marketing

This infographic from Solvid details key content marketing statistics, including that B2B marketers who use blogs get 67% more leads and 60% of prospects feel more positive about a company after reading their blog.

Post-Event Metrics To Deliver

Event marketing makes up a good portion of the modern marketing budget, but proving event ROI is often a challenge. This infographic from Certain outlines four steps to measuring event success and the key metrics to track.

Leveraging AI To Boost Lead Generation And Conversion Efforts

Artificial intelligence is on the minds of marketers now more than ever. Why? Marketers responsible for demand generation know better than anyone else that it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve with new lead generation tactics, and AI is where it's at. AI allows data across multiple sources to meet with business intelligence in one place in order to…

The Practitioner’s Guide To Signal & Intent Data

Segmentation, Personalization Eforts Fueled With Signal Insights & Buyer Intent Boost Account & Ad Targeting, Engagement In order to get the right message in front of target accounts when they are actively looking for answers, B2B companies are increasingly adding other data sources to their first-party insights. Progressive companies, such as Pramata, Masergy and Extreme Networks, are beginning to incorporate…

Awareness vs. Precision: How Marketers Are Rethinking Channels, Metrics & Tactics To Engage Accounts & Roles At Key Buying Stages

Airing live on February 20th @ 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT New research from Demand Gen Report shows that marketers are increasingly focusing on quality engagement over quantity and are rethinking their investments and traditional tracking metrics to adjust to evolving buyer needs. This webcast, featuring John Dering of Demandbase, will highlight the latest benchmark data on the…

Data Automation Buyer’s Guide

Modern marketers deal with large volumes of data acquired through a number of different third-party sources and a stack of internal applications. This presents an unprecedented challenge, in terms of both the volume and velocity of data. Data streams into marketing departments in different formats, with varying quality, and at a scale beyond what's manageable via manual means. To process…

14 Visual Content Marketing Statistics To Know For 2019

Sixty-nine percent of marketers say visuals are very important or an absolute necessity to their marketing strategies. This infographic from Venngage details how much time marketers spend creating visuals per week, which visuals drive the most engagement, the biggest challenges of visual content marketing and more.

2019 State Of Interactive Content Marketing

B2B Organizations Level-Up On Interactivity To Create Two-Way Conversations With Audiences Minimal time, flooded inboxes and new content coming from every direction — it's no wonder why B2B marketers struggle with getting buyers' attention in the digital world. These challenges have led marketing organizations to experiment with interactive content in the past as a means to stand out from the…

AI-Fueled Lookalike Modeling: An Enterprise Guide To Self-Tuning Campaigns

Gartner's Innovation Insight: Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Marketing report predicts that in the next several years, AI will enable numerous marketing applications, including natural-language conversational experiences, real-time personalization and automatic content. Another practice that can benefit from AI is lookalike modeling, an emerging sales and marketing application whose value proposition is to put qualified leads into the funnel, while streamlining…

6 Easy Steps To Kickstart A Killer CXM Program

"The customer is always right!" Right? Maybe not. But now that customers can interact with your business on multiple channels, and broadcast their opinions in an instant, "always" takes on a whole new meaning. Although tracking and responding to customer issues across touchpoints may seem daunting, the reality is you can easily and proactively delight customers with a solid customer…
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