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A Guide To B2B Blogging Success

Almost 80% of Internet users read blogs, yet only 33% of B2B companies are incorporating them into their content strategy. This infographic from ZoomInfo highlights key statistics on how blogs can increase lead generation and revenue, and offers useful tips for getting started.

Data First: Optimized Marketing Performance With Contact And Account Data For The Win

"Data" is omnipresent in all things marketing; it's the coordinator, the driver and the destination (the results of your efforts and campaigns). What's not so obvious, however, is just how to ensure that the data flowing through your entire marketing workflow lands where intended: the receiving end of the right, in-market prospect. This E-book looks at actionable ways to internalizea…

The Savvy Marketer’s Guide To Personalized Demand Gen

Your demand generation strategy is only as good as the data that powers it. But not just any data, but contact and account data. This E-book explores how you can tackle demand gen the savvy way, using only the freshest, most up-to-date data to ensure your company's solution and/or service is top of mind, at the right time. Read on…

5-Step Checklist For Webinar Planning

This infographic from ON24 outlines the five crucial steps for planning a successful webinar, including understanding your audience, considering webinar type and format, coordinating a plan of action and more.

Don’t Take It Personally: Where Personalization Fails Your Buyer

With the rise of website personalization, targeted display ads and all things ABM, marketers are able to combat waning attention spans and over-scheduled prospects by delivering more relevant offers and CTAs. But getting that initial click or download shouldn't be the finish line for basic account- or contact-level personalization. Today's business consumer craves a more relevant, curated and responsive experience…

The Tactical Guide To B2B Personalization

Best Practices & Processes For Bringing Personalization Into Marketing, Sales Conversations B2B buyers' tolerance for generic messaging is growing thin. They are increasingly expecting and demanding relevance at all stages of the buying cycle. Therefore, the old mass marketing playbook is quickly becoming obsolete, meaning B2B marketing and sales teams must flip the script to provide targeted, contextual customer experiences…

Mount Revenue And Relationship Marketing

This infographic from Sigstr offers insight into the gap between customer relationships and revenue, including that 52% of marketers have a structured ABM program but only half are achieving their revenue goals. It also outlines key steps to closing more deals, such as aligning sales and marketing, leveraging a relationship…

The Brand Management Playbook

Brand management plays an integral role in creating a streamlined omnichannel buying experience for both B2B and B2C customers. In order to serve the complexity of branding across organizations, marketers must ensure their brand is consistent everywhere, from the organization's website to social channels and beyond. Failure to deliver consistent messages and campaigns carries huge risks — not only to…
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