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Fueling Demand Gen With Events

B2B Brands Investing In New Tools & Tactics To Drive Insights From Interactions Into Their Integrated Demand Strategies Events may be on hiatus, but they are still one of the most valued tactics in the B2B marketers' toolbox. While there was an expectation that the expansion of digital engagement channels would eventually reduce the role of in-person industry events, the…

2020 Content Preferences Study: B2B Buyers Increasingly Looking For Credible “Show-And-Tell” Experiences To Drive Buying Decisions

During a time of "social distancing," where in-person engagement and education is being replaced with digital alternatives, content has become an even more critical tool for B2B buyers to research new areas and find solutions to business challenges. And based on new results from Demand Gen Report's 2020 Content Preferences Study, buyers are not only leaning even harder on content…

What Is Orchestration?

According to Engagio, marketing orchestration is an approach to marketing that focuses not on delivering standalone campaigns, but instead on optimizing a set of related cross-channel interactions that, when added together, make up an individualized customer experience. This infographic from the company explains the basics of marketing orchestration and shares…

Top B2B Marketing Tools For 2020

Marketers have no shortage of tools for creating, tracking and measuring their day-to-day activities. But it's not always easy to choose the right tools in this saturated market. This infographic spotlights eight popular tools for data analytics, social, media monitoring and more.

Bridging The Sales And Marketing Divide

The relationship between sales and marketing, much like any other relationship, can be challenging. That said, it's undeniable that the partnership between sales and marketing is critical. It's one of the most important relationships for driving success within a company. Solutions based on AI technology can also contribute to bringing all these necessary elements together and make these relationships better.…

B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets And Trends 2020

Do you document your content marketing strategy? More than two-thirds (69%) of successful marketers have formalized their content marketing plans. That’s one of the key findings of recent research from the Content Marketing Institute that was highlighted in this infographic from Grazitti Interactive.

The Comprehensive Survival Guide On Lead Scoring

Lead scoring provides data-driven guidance that empowers sales teams to prioritize their resources and maximize conversion. It's a pretty deep subject when you drill down into the nuances of the scoring model, the data requirements, the technology options and implementation obstacles. Download this guide to: Gain insight into the nuances of the scoring model; Identify the components of a good…

How To Use Surveys In Each Stage Of The Marketing Flywheel

Surveys can help you attract customers, get direct feedback on their exact needs, and even help turn them into ambassadors for your brand — giving you the ammo you need to power your entire marketing flywheel. This guide will teach you how to develop survey questions that will allow you to gain insights and help you cater to your customers…

10 Email Marketing Tips To Boost B2B Sales

B2B marketers have relied on email marketing campaigns for decades, but the approach is continuously evolving. Segmentation, personalization and ensuring that emails are mobile-friendly are a few of the topics to revisit in order to boost engagement and, ultimately, sales.This infographic from Blue Mail Media outlines ten key email marketing…

2020 Killer Content Awards: Spotlighting B2B’s New Headlining Acts

Many B2B brands are making beautiful marketing music. While they’re certainly adhering to best practices established by industry legends, they’re embracing new formats, storytelling methods and creative themes to break through the noise. These are the new hit-makers and headliners in the B2B marketing world. window.location = ""
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