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2020 ABM Benchmark Survey Report: Doubling Down On ABM: Research Shows More B2B Brands Stepping Up Their Investments & Approaches To Account Selection, Segmentation & Channel Strategies

As B2B continues to grow digitally, maintaining contact with key buyers and accounts has taken the utmost priority. With this shift, most companies have reinvented or started to reinvent their strategies to include more account-based programs in their marketing strategies. As a result of these trends, companies in 2020 are doubling down on ABM as a means of reaching and…

B2B Tech Content Marketing Trends

Research shows that 75% of tech marketers said their organization will product more content thisyear, compared to last year. This infographic from IDG highlights trends in content usage and effectiveness in the tech industry.

Simplifying The Complexities Of ABM For Enterprise Organizations

These challenges are the result of account-level activities and engagement hidden across multiple platforms or even multiple instances of the same platform.Further, audiences suffer from target account over-marketing, and marketers suffer from compounded platform costs. This E-book will explore: Why the current ABM "best practice" disconnect exists and the risks of a one-size-fits-all approach; Common challenges hindering organizations from building…

How Technographic Data Could Boost Sales

B2B organizations rely on marketing technology in their daily operations, and that technographic data can prove invaluable insights for marketers looking to engage those people from those companies. This infographic from TD Insights spotlights how B2B organizations are using and benefitting from technographic data.

The State Of Integrated Marketing In B2B

Integrated marketing has rapidly become an essential strategy for B2B marketers. By implementing an orchestrated series of tactics across a broad range of channels, an integrated marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to engage prospects and move them along their purchase journey. A new study from Demand Gen Report and True Influence found that while the…

B2B Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

As B2B marketing continues to grow in the digital space, marketers are adopting new technologies, strategies and innovations to meet the needs of the consumer. This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines provides insights into the latest trends happening in B2B digital marketing and the strategies that cater to the consumer…

Can Marketing & Comms Work Together to Amplify Earned Media Output?

New research from the CMO Council found that 81% of business leaders believe that the change in the business environment (due to social unrest and the fallout from COVID-19) has led to the rise of importance in earned media. This shift has prompted a greater focus on alignment between marketing…

2020 State Of Video & Interactive Content

Marketers Leverage Simplified, Personalized Video & Interactive Content To Effectively Engage Target Audiences With B2B marketers having to go digital-only in 2020, content marketing has risen to the forefront of most companies’ marketing strategies. As in-person events stay off the table for the rest of the year and social distancing policies remain in effect, marketers have gotten creative with their…

Content Marketing In Times Of Uncertainty

As buyers shift to digital engagement with brands and marketers, having a strong content marketing strategy can alleviate potential engagement issues. This infographic from LinkedIn highlights the impact of content marketing and provides some tips on how to improve your content marketing strategies.

What’s Working In ABM In 2020?

When most of the world went into lockdown back in March 2020, sales and marketing teams scrambled for new ways to stay close to customers and key prospects when face-to-face meetings were no longer an option. The renewed focus on getting closer to customers and providing more relevance and interactions in all touch points has resulted in many companies upping…

Checklist For Choosing A Partner Portal To Accelerate Your Channel Program

Between achieving channel key performance indicators (KPIs) and company revenue growth, the right partner portal can help move the needle. What's more, the best partner portals facilitate marketing automation; real-time communication and collaboration; and accelerated performance through training, data and reports. This checklist covers how to evaluate your channel's needs. It reviews the features you should look for in a…
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