Act-On Launches Apple Mail Privacy Protection Tool

Published: November 14, 2022

Act-On Software aims to provide marketers with solutions that empower them to engage targets at every step of the customer lifecycle. Act-On’s Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) reporting tool is designed to help marketers accommodate the heightened degree of user anonymity granted by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, which, in turn, makes tracking open rates more challenging. This tool aims to give marketers as much visibility as possible while maintaining the data privacy required.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Under normal circumstances, the Apple MPP tool taints marketers’ data on their communications campaigns, any email sent to a user who uses Apple Mail will be designated as “opened” even if the user never actually opens the email. While this user anonymity is a good thing, it drastically skews marketing data around open rates. Act-On’s MPP reporting tool does not, and could not, violate user anonymity, but it does at least indicate to marketers which emails were filtered through Apple’s MPP. This way, marketers can exclude any MPP-marked emails from their open-rate calculations or take other actions.

Who It’s For

Act-On’s Mail Privacy Protection reporting tool is for any marketer who deals with email communications. When Apple first announced the MPP, countless marketers wondered how this would affect one of their most valuable KPIs. Act-On’s reporting tool allows marketers to continue doing their jobs while maintaining user privacy.

What It Solves

Act-On’s MPP reporting tool restores some lost visibility after Apple launched its privacy program. Marketers did not know if they can trust their email open rates — but now, they can tell which emails are masked by Apple.

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What Makes It Special

Apple’s privacy enhancements can cloud open rates. This integration aims to give marketers the most accurate metrics by flagging if a user’s email was opened by proxy. Some marketers think Apple’s MPP killed email marketing, but Act-On’s goal is to encourage data privacy.



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