Aprimo Launches Content Ideation Tool

Published: April 13, 2018

Aprimo Idea Lab is an ideation solution that aims to help content marketers and creative teams ideate faster and better. It is designed to connect directly into the Aprimo platform, which includes marketing work management and digital asset management solutions.


 Idea Lab aims to help content marketing teams digitize the content ideation process. The solution is designed to provide teams with a visual canvas to help users quickly create ideas and decide which ones should move into the market.

Features include:

  • Idea workspaces to help collect and share early-stage ideas;
  • Dynamic, ad-hoc collaboration capabilities to allow teams to quickly and easily brainstorm new concepts together;
  • Flexible planning and calendar capabilities to view when and where ideas can be brought to market;
  • The ability to connect finalized ideas into actionable marketing plans; and
  • A single cloud-based solution designed to manage the entire content lifecycle at scale.


Idea Lab is intended for content marketers, creative teams and agency partners. Its capabilities aim to reduce overall time-to-market, increase productivity and improve time savings. The solution is positioned to serve a variety of vertical industries, such as the financial services, retail industry and consumer-packaged goods.

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Idea Lab integrates into Aprimo’s marketing work management and digital asset management solutions. In addition, Aprimo is designed to integrate into ERP and CRM solutions via robust APIs.


Idea Lab is a SaaS solution with an annual subscription, user-based pricing model.


Idea Lab has helped companies such as large financial service firms bridge the gap between ideation, approval, scheduling and asset management.


Aprimo Idea Lab connects workflow management and digital asset management solutions with the ideation process. This connection enables content marketers and creatives to integrate processes and move seamlessly from ideation to execution and delivery.


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