Calendly Launches Analytics Tool Designed To Optimize Scheduling

Published: January 23, 2023

Calendly aims to help individuals, teams and organizations automate the meeting lifecycle by removing the back-and-forth with scheduling. Calendly’s cloud-based platform is designed to offer a new layer of the modern digital technology stack by connecting with critical tools to automate scheduling workflows, which creates a more delightful customer experience and provides insightful, measurable data to drive better business outcomes. Today, more than 10 million users across 155 countries use Calendly to simplify meetings, collaborate more effectively and efficiently and drive the business forward.

The Lowdown

Calendly Analytics is an intuitive reporting dashboard designed to allow team leaders to easily discover activity and trends — such as popular meeting days, top performers and in-demand meeting types — to optimize scheduling and reach team goals faster.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Calendly Analytics aims to enable organizations to discover the teams, groups or individuals who have seen the most scheduling success — and learn from their best practices.

Administrators of Calendly can leverage Calendly Analytics for the insights they need to improve productivity, track campaign performance and effectiveness and strategize with analysis, not intuition. The Calendly Analytics dashboard includes multiple widgets that reveal account activity, such as meetings booked, meetings occurred, reschedules, cancellations, trends on meetings and their durations, and insights on the most active users, event types and most popular meeting days.

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Who It’s For

Account admins can utilize Calendly Analytics insights to plan day-to-day team scheduling availability based on customer meeting trends and maximize the chances of meetings being booked. With Calendly Analytics, teams across sales, marketing and customer success have access to the crucial information they need to drive revenue.

What It Solves

Data that provides insights about teams’ meeting patterns can help workers gain a competitive edge in today’s business environment. Through scheduling insights, revenue teams can accelerate pipeline, convert leads, speed up sales cycles, improve customer retention and drive more revenue.

What Makes It Special

No other company has access to the type of rich customer meeting information that Calendly Analytics uncovers, and the platform surfaces it in an easy-to-manage dashboard that guides teams to hit their business goals.


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