Enhanced Project Management With Clarizen

Published: July 21, 2015

Clarizen placeitClarizen is a marketing project management platform designed to help B2B marketing teams collaborate with colleagues, clients and vendors. The solution is intended to increase the performance of marketing teams by tracking project timelines.


The platform positions B2B marketers to automate the project planning process by simplifying the creation of project timelines and enabling users to collaborate with internal and external project contributors.

Clarizen includes project templates to ensure that best practices are being followed and client preferences are being met.

Other features include:

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  • Timesheet tracking capabilities to monitor all billable and non-billable hours that designers, copy writers, programmers and other team members spend on each project;
  • The ability to create panels that show KPIs for portfolios and projects and access external charting tools to create and share project-related charts; and
  • Clarizen InterAct, a tool that ties email communications to projects, tasks and files to keep any relevant information updated within the project management solution.


Clarizen integrates with tools such as Salesforce, Box, Intacct, QuickBooks, Jira, SharePoint, Google Docs and ProofHQ.


Pricing starts at $30 a month per user. Click here for a pricing comparison.

Competitive Positioning

Clarizen positions users to merge conversations, tasks and projects to provide every team member with visibility into the current status of projects. In a single location, users can have real-time visibility into the current progress of teammates and tasks to help users keep on deadline and on budget.

The solution’s task management feature enables employees to prioritize tasks and collaborate to gain the context they need to successfully complete the project. The system is designed to centralize all project- and non-project-related tasks to prevent deadlines from being overlooked.

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