Hubb Management Tools Aim To Automate Event Creation & Promotion

Published: June 8, 2021

Hubb, a virtual event management software provider, offers attendee engagement and data analytics tools to help brands create and promote engaging digital experiences while automating their event building/management process.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The Hubb platform provides a full suite of event management tools that are designed to simplify workflows, analyze metrics to inform future event planning and help users build virtual and hybrid events with multiple, concurrent sessions. Users can leverage tools such as Session Management, Speaker Management, Staff Scheduling and Abstract Management to automate and simplify the event creation process. The platform also features social media sharing, video integrations and 1:1 networking meeting capabilities to keep attendees engaged and to simplify event promotion.

Hubb also measures relevant event metrics, such as attendee engagement, common topics discussed in session chats, traffic flow and revenue driven from 1:1 meetings to inform user decision making and identify areas of improvement for future events.

Who It’s For

Hubb is designed for event planners, marketing managers and event executives who want to create an impactful experience for their attendees, build genuine connections and drive revenue for their stakeholders.

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What Makes It Special

Hubb’s event management tools help users create digital experiences to engage attendees for increased attendance rates, more effective event planning and sales pipeline growth.


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