KnowledgeVision – Interactive Video Lead Gen Tool

Published: May 4, 2011

Solution Snapshot:

KnowledgeVision is a tool for rapidly creating interactive online video experiences from the assets and talent you already have at hand.  KnowledgeVision synchronizes video, audio, PowerPoint, graphic images, animations, just-in-time footnotes, and virtual handouts into an online presentation format that’s unparalleled in its power and flexibility.


  • We offer both on-demand and live synchronized video experiences.
  • We integrate both video and audio with PowerPoint to create interactive content for the web.
  • Our player designs are flexible and customizable in layout and branding.
  • Presentations are easy to revise and update as information changes.
  • Powerful analytics help you understand how the content is being used and acted upon.
  • We can incorporate live surveys, forms, quizzes, Q&A, chat, and social media feeds into KnowledgeVision presentations

Targeted Users:

KnowledgeVision is for anyone in an organization who needs to quickly create interactive video content for sales, marketing, and corporate communications.  This includes VP/Director of Marketing, Director of Internet Content, and Managers of Internet Marketing Programs.

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KnowledgeVision allows you to integrate lead generation forms directly into your presentation, which then passes the data into your CRM or ERP system. KnowledgeVision customers use vendors like, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, but can integrate with any other vendor you use to capture data.

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Delivery/Pricing Models:

KnowledgeVision is a SaaS solution that requires no IT support. Pricing is based on annual subscription based on the number of users. Prices start at $5000 per year for Professional Edition, there are no setup or termination fees.

Current Clients/Users:

KnowledgeVision is in use by major technology, financial services, professional services, and healthcare companies around the world.

Competitive Positioning:

KnowledgeVision is built from the ground up for a video-centric, cloud computing world, which assures customers a rich interactive experience as well as high scalability and availability.  KnowledgeVision offers much greater functionality and flexibility at a significantly lower cost than more limited competitive solutions.

Contact Info:

Phone: 978-369-7600 or 855-587-8834
Demo Video:

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