LeadsRx Now Supports Multi-Touch Attribution

Published: February 2, 2022

LeadsRx has solved a decades-old problem for national advertisers. The new attribution tool empowers them with the ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of national TV commercials given the complexities when they air in various regions, states, across time zones, via live, broadcast, and dual feed cable, etc.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

LeadsRx Attribution™ product now supports multi-touch attribution (MTA) for national television commercials, including live, broadcast and dual-feed cable programming. The solution leads to greater accuracy in attribution results, which means buyers of TV advertising can better optimize their budgets and earn a higher return on ad spend.

This new LeadsRx capability is designed to provide support for national television spot logs that take into consideration the complexities of national advertising. The system automatically adjusts the time commercials air according to the type of feed, time zones and daylight savings time considerations.

Who It’s For

LeadsRx uses marketing analytics to help B2B companies who advertise nationally and agencies representing national advertisers, helping them to lower customer acquisition costs, increase customer lifetime value and spot and eliminate wasted ad spend. 

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What It Solves

A customer’s perspective answers it best: “Accurately measuring the impact of national television advertising has been a pain point for some time due to the existence of dual feeds,” said Adam Ortman, VP, Growth & Innovation, at Generator Media + Analytics. “With this new methodology, LeadsRx is now able to better inform clients and help optimize their national TV ad budgets by providing a truer picture of TV’s impact across the country.”

What Makes It Special

Incorporating national television ads within analytics, such as LeadsRx Attribution, is difficult due to the complexities of television. Commercials air at different times throughout the U.S. depending on whether ads are shown during live events (such as sports, concerts, etc.), on broadcast networks (such as the big three of ABC, CBS and NBC), or on cable networks.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that some cable networks are shown live across the country, while others are aired twice a day (“dual-feed cable”), time zones are different and some states (e.g., Arizona and Hawaii) do not switch to Daylight Savings Time.



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