LinkedIn Sales Insights Leverages Buyer Data To Help Sales Planning

Published: March 15, 2021

Data analytics platform LinkedIn Sales Insights allows B2B sales organizations to tap into LinkedIn’s data pool of more than 737 million members to identify potential opportunities, source new accounts and help sellers spend the right time in the right places.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

LinkedIn Sales Insights leverages people-powered data that reflects buyers’ current work environment, changing roles and evolving interests to help users identify potential business opportunities. These insights provide a clearer view of the market, allowing users to build better sales playbooks, more accurately size their opportunities and focus their teams on the right accounts.

Specifically, the solution:

  • Surfaces viable, real companies that represent selling opportunities for your team;
  • Detects and connects duplicate records for more accurate insights;
  • Parses valuable company information – such as company URL and headquarters location – into structured, database-friendly components; and
  • Enhances customers’ existing databases through entity resolution models.

Who It’s For

LinkedIn Sales Insights is designed primarily for sales operations professionals and other individuals within an organization that do sales planning to provide reliable data that powers their sales planning process.

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What Makes It Special

The solution is powered by AI that uses data mining techniques to inform its database, allowing users to pull real-time insights from LinkedIn’s network of engaged members.


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