LiveHive Measures Engagement With Content

Published: February 17, 2015

LiveHive logoLiveHive is a sales engagement platform that provides real-time insights into a prospect’s interest based on their engagement with digital sales content.


LiveHive offers content-sharing capabilities and real-time analytics, positioning users with tools that reveal prospect buying patterns. The solution shows when documents are viewed and downloaded; which pages are viewed and for how long; and profile data for recipients of shared documents. LiveHive also provides users an ability to update and terminate access to documents — even if the document was sent as an email attachment..

Targeted Users

LiveHive is targeted toward sales professionals and sales teams of any size..


LiveHive works with Gmail, Outlook 2010 and 2013 and is compatible with any Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. LiveHive also integrates with salesforce and Act-On marketing software.

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Delivery/Pricing Models

LiveHive is free for a single user, with up to five prospects with unlimited content and email sharing. The professional edition is $19.95/month for a single user with an unlimited number of prospects, with unlimited content and email tracking.

Competitive Positioning

LiveHive offers analytics to provide sales professionals with the deepest visibility into how prospects are engaging with their digital content. The sales engagement platform provides behind-the-scenes insights to quickly identify all stakeholders involved in the buying process by tracking whether the piece of content is viewed or shared via email or other channels.

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