New Introhive Suite Aims To Help Sales Teams Refine Data-Driven Strategies

Published: June 22, 2020

Introhive, a customer relationship management and intelligence service, has launched a Productivity Intelligence suite that aims to help sales teams optimize data-driven strategies and improve their performance.


The Productivity Intelligence suite uses custom-built AI models designed to leverage a business’ historical data to generate industry insights, maintain sales alignments and drive strategy success. The suite aims to accelerate sales cycles by boosting productivity and efficiency and providing intelligence that helps sales reps navigate leads based on the generated insights.

The suite also includes:

  • Time Coach, which aims to provide insight into engagement times with prospects/clients;
  • Deal Coach, designed to help sales reps find the next best course of action and highlight their win probability; and
  • Predictive Deal Scoring, which scores deals based on the odds of the deal being won for optimal success rates.


The suite is designed for Sales Leaders and Managers who need solid data, visualizations and insight into their best performers to provide effective coaching and fine-tune strategy.

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The Productivity Intelligence suite is designed to be integrated into various sales platforms.


The Productivity Intelligence suite provides unique insights into a business’ operations based on their sales history, engagement time and deal closing rate. Introhive aims to help businesses refine their data-driven strategies and sales operations by helping them prioritize deals through predictive analysis, data insights and generated success probabilities.


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