Printfection Platform Seeks To Help Scale & Automate Personalized Swag Distribution

Published: May 2, 2023

Printfection is a swag platform and service designed to let users create the highest quality, most unique branded company swag and strategically send it to anyone, anywhere.

The Lowdown

Printfection is a promotional product management software designed to scale and automate the process of sourcing, printing, storing, managing and distributing branded promotional items, often referred to as company “swag.” Customers such as Zendesk, 6sense, BetterHelp and Gusto work with Printfection to ship swag to customers, leads, employees and events.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Printfection is a full service, end-to-end swag management and fulfillment platform where users can brand thousands of creative items and strategically ship that swag anywhere in the world through their existing tech stack. Printfection also provides real-time reporting on swag inventory, deliveries and spend.

Who It’s For

Swag enables sales, marketing, customer success and people teams to connect with their audiences in a uniquely tangible way. It aims to strengthen relationships with a brand while driving response and growth. Printfection supports the success of companies across many industries, including technology, finance, education, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

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What It Solves

With Printfection, users are empowered to easily send the right swag, at the right time, anywhere in the world. The tool intends to help organizations entice leads, incentivize customer loyalty, drive better event ROI, boost customer retention, engage employees and more. 

What Makes It Special

Printfection is designed to enable users to manage their swag strategies in a single platform, and it’s backed by award-winning customer service, operations support and advanced reporting. As a strategic partner, Printfection is designed to help customers implement their swag strategy and advise on best practices and new trends in the space.



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