Sendoso Adds New Preferred Address Features For Targeted Engagement

Published: August 10, 2020

Gifting platform Sendoso has added two new features to its platform – Address Confirmation and Sendoso Choice. These features aim to help businesses engage their customers throughout the buyer’s journey to drive revenue, engagement and personalization in their gifting processes.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The new features are designed to enable users to drive revenue and support smaller businesses by personalizing the gifts they send and confirming or changing the address based on their location.

The Address Confirmation feature allows users to confirm or change the recipient’s address to their current location, aiming to help revenue-driving teams reach their target accounts. Sendoso Choice helps users provide options for recipients looking to personalize bundles of their E-gifts by selecting from various categories.

Who It’s For

Address Confirmation and Sendoso Choice are designed for businesses and revenue-driving teams looking to reach and engage their target accounts effectively.

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What Makes It Special

The Sendoso Sending Platform aims to help demand generation, account-based marketing and sales and customer success teams to perform precise outreach to their target accounts virtually with their current budget, channel and in-person event constraints.



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