Content Marketing Sun, 12 Jul 2020 01:28:16 -0400 en-gb Brightcove Unveils Virtual Event Experiences Solution Brightcove Unveils Virtual Event Experiences Solution

Brightcove, an online video technology platform, has launched a new Virtual Event Experiences solution, designed to provide organizations video technology that engages their target audiences while hosting virtual events.

The solution aims to provide customers with the ability to stream keynotes and event videos using the Brightcove platform, helping businesses create and host virtual experiences quickly and efficiently.

Features include:

  • A Branding and User Experience feature that allows businesses to control the viewer’s experience and surrounding content when hosting on Brightcove’s platform.
  • Easy registration for potential attendees;
  • The ability to integrate ads with measurable results;
  • The ability to stream secure video content to potential global audiences; and
  • Access to Brightcove’s expertise and support teams to help businesses’ video content meet their goals.

“Video is now at the forefront of how we communicate with others and, how we conduct business, enabling us to stay connected even when physically apart,” said Sara Larsen, CMO at Brightcove, in a statement. “Events are a place for information sharing, learning, business building, and networking. Brightcove Virtual Events Experiences allows organizations to deliver exceptional virtual events quickly and securely, without sacrificing the attendee experience. With this solution, we’re not only helping our customers adapt to the changing landscape but also allowing them to stay connected with their audiences with an engaging, innovative video-driven digital experience.

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Mediafly Partners With Zoom to Optimize Sales Presentations Mediafly Partners With Zoom to Optimize Sales Presentations

Mediafly, a sales enablement and content management software provider, has partnered with Zoom to create an integration that optimizes their sales' workflow while working remotely./

The integration is designed for sales teams to optimize their presentations in Zoom meetings. Zoom provides comprehensive information about meeting attendees to Mediafly, which allows sales reps to amplify their content usage analytics by engaging with clients directly through Zoom.

Sales teams will also be positioned to also launch a meeting at any time from within Mediafly’s own platform using their Zoom ID, creating a single user interface for sales and providing a seamless virtual experience for buyers.

“Sellers have always faced the challenge of presenting content that buyers find useful and engaging,” said Jason Shah, CTO of Mediafly, in a statement. “These days, the challenge is even greater because the connection has to be made remotely. Many sellers that use Mediafly are already using Zoom. By partnering with Zoom, we enable them to simplify their workflow and deliver their engaging, effective, Mediafly-powered presentation experience in the same way they would have with face-to-face [interactions].”

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Stensul & Workfront’s Integration Aims To Simplify Content Creation Stensul & Workfront’s Integration Aims To Simplify Content Creation

Stensul, an email creation platform, has integrated with work management platform Workfront to better connect email workflows and simplify content creation and campaign execution.

The integration is designed to help users send email campaigns through Stensul’s platform to Workfront for peer review, allowing users to edit their content based on Workfront’s feedback. The two platforms aim to create a seamless joint editing and feedback process that transforms digital content creation.

"Stensul’s mission is to simplify content creation," said Noah Dinkin, Founder and CEO of Stensul, in a statement. "Connecting Workfront to Stensul represents the integration of modern email creation with modern work management, helping teams produce incredible marketing campaigns without being held back by legacy processes.”

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Demandbase Launches Virtual ABM Innovation Tour Demandbase Launches Virtual ABM Innovation Tour

Demandbase has announced the launch of its ABM Innovation Tour, a four-stop virtual experience that will offer access to insights, industry best practices and success stories from leading B2B marketers. The events will take place on June 24July 8July 22 and August 5 to provide marketers the opportunity to connect with experts and learn what's next in B2B marketing.

The agenda features presentations from companies such as SAP and KPMG, including:

  • “What's Up and What's Next For B2B Marketing,” presented by Gabe Rogol, Chief Executive Officer, and Peter Isaacson, Chief Marketing Officer, Demandbase.
  • “Winning New Accounts With Insight-Based Targeting,” with Nick Robinson, Director of Digital Marketing, and Adam Miller, Strategic Programs Lead, SAP.
  • “Not Another PowerPoint, Been There Done That,” presented by Kate Levine, Demand Activation Leader, KPMG.

"Despite these unprecedented times, B2B marketers are still expected to hit pipeline quotas,” said Isaacson in a statement. “The ABM Innovation Tour is designed to bring B2B marketers together to share new ideas and learn what's on the horizon of ABM innovation and strategy. Furthermore, the event will provide B2B marketers with the tools to drive growth in any economic climate. This virtual experience will provide B2B marketers with access to valuable insights, the ability to connect with fellow marketers and gather inspiration from industry leaders so they can prepare for what's next in B2B marketing."

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B2B Community Bands Together To Offer Covid-19 Relief Efforts & Resources B2B Community Bands Together To Offer Covid-19 Relief Efforts & Resources

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many companies to pivot strategies, reallocate budgets and adapt to a virtual-only environment. During this challenging time, many solution providers have shifted their standard sales messaging to be more community and customer-focused and offer ways to help companies cope with new realities.  

Martech companies and B2B agencies have stepped up with creative and value-based offers — from providing their solutions free of charge for a limited time to sharing useful resources and workshops for distance learning.

Here is a look at some of the software offerings, consulting services and resources available to B2B marketing and sales professionals during the crisis.

Discounted/Free Solution Offerings

Airship, a customer engagement platform, has made its web notification solution available at no cost to businesses for 90 days. The tool aims to help companies effectively communicate directly with their customers and reach them on various channels in real-time, even when they are not actively searching. To take advantage of the offer, sign up here by May 31, 2020.

Dun & Bradstreet, a global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, launched a data platform for government agencies that aims to inform mission-critical response and relief efforts across state and local communities. The complimentary COVID-19 Business Impact Research Platform is designed to provide data, analytics and insights to help government agencies and officials determine the full impact of the virus on their communities to plan risk mitigation and recovery initiatives, prioritize emergency management and economic support for those in need and determine workforce disruptions and supply chain risks. Dun & Bradstreet is also providing businesses with complimentary “health scans” designed to analyze a company’s customer portfolio, sales pipeline or supply chain to determine areas of risk and opportunity. Learn more and request access to the platform here., a speech to text transcription service, is offering two months free service of its enterprise offering, Otter for Teams, to support employees working remotely or from home. Sign up for the offer here., a content analytics platform, is offering its attribution tool, Content Conversions add-on, for free until May 31. The tool is designed to help companies gain clarity around their content and audience and tie the insights back to business initiatives. Get more information and sign up here.

PandaDoc, a document automation software as a service, launched a Free eSign product that aims to help keep business doors open and deals coming in through the COVID-19 crisis. The product allows companies to upload, send and collect signatures on an unlimited number of documents for an unlimited number of users. Learn more and sign up for the service here.

TrustRadius, a peer review site for businesses, is offering 30 days of 100% free True Intent data for qualifying software vendors to help offset the challenges of the post-COVID-19 market. True Intent is a list of companies that have recently read reviews of software products or other products in a specific business category on the TrustRadius platform. It is designed to help fuel pipelines with valuable, bottom-of-the-funnel data to enable software marketers to connect with decision-makers at the most crucial point in the buyer’s journey. Learn more and sign up here.

DealSignal, an on-demand contact data platform, is offering ABM marketers and sales teams the ability to prioritize and pursue financially healthy companies with a free list of private and public companies that have strong net-income and cash positions. The company is also offering to help companies with well-honed target account lists enrich accounts and/or leads with full-financial metrics and health indicators, as well as 100+ fields of verified contact and account data. Learn more here.

Brightcove, a video marketing platform, is offering 50 hours of its live streaming service, HD Live, free for 90 days to support the business community with virtual events. Learn more and register here.

Mintent is providing all local government organizations in North America a free subscription to its Content Marketing platform. The solution is designed to help marketing and communications teams working from home more effectively create and distribute content and provide visibility into all content and stages of the content marketing workflow process. Learn more here.

Influ2, a person-based advertising platform for B2B, is offering its solution for free until June 30, 2020, to every new client who signs up for a subscription. Learn more here.

Televerde, an integrated sales and marketing technology organization, launched an #InThisTogether campaign, a COVID-19 response program designed to provide organizations that have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus and are not currently engaged with Televerde with 90 days of inbound or outbound customer support at-cost. Get more information here.

Folloze, a personalized marketing platform, has opened the use of its own platform for free to marketing agencies and organizations in a multi-pronged initiative of solutions and workshops. Learn more and request your offer here.

Grapevine6, a sales engagement platform, is offering free access to its Enterprise-tier platform subscription to charitable organizations. Learn more here.

e-Spirit, a digital experience platform, is offering its hybrid content management system for three months risk-free. The offering is designed to enable E-commerce, manufacturing and other industries the ability to deploy a content management solution and manage the uncertainty of today’s market. Learn more here.

Drift, provider of conversational marketing & sales tools, announced that its product, Drift Video, is now available for free for nonprofit and education users. Learn more and register here.

Seismic, a sales and marketing enablement software provider, is offering free online learning and credential opportunities with Seismic University and Seismic’s Certification program for customers. Additionally, the company has revamped its in-person classroom-style courses into a virtual classroom setting, which are also free of charge for a limited time. These resources and others are designed to help customers develop their sales enablement skills and team training with educational experiences at home. Learn more here.

Expanded Features And Value

ON24, a digital experience platform provider, launched a first-of-its-kind COVID-19 Response webinar engagement tool within its ON24 Webcast Elite platform. The new feature is designed to mobilize ON24's network of more than 2,500 enterprises and their respective webinar audiences of more than a half-million professionals per day to join the fight against COVID-19. ON24 is also pledging $50,000 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and encouraging every ON24 webinar attendee to help by engaging with the tool. Learn more here.

PathFactory, an intelligent content platform provider, launched a new Virtual Event Experience (VEX), designed to power immersive virtual events for visitors and give marketing and sales teams insight into the engagement of every attendee. VEX aims to provide attendees with a rich user experience for live or pre-recorded events, allowing visitors to seamlessly move between sessions, binge related content assets while watching a video and engage through chat and comments. Learn more here.

AdDaptive Intelligence, a digital advertising technology, launched “B2B ABM at Home,” a program designed to help those working from home deliver ads to business devices regardless of location. The program aims to enable advertisers to send the right messages to target accounts whether they are in the office or at home. Learn more here.

Sendoso, a sending platform, launched a new feature called Address Confirmation, designed to enable marketers to ask direct mail recipients to confirm their address before an item is sent. This will help organizations ensure packages are delivered to their current working location. Learn more here.

Consulting Services And Courses

Demandbase, an end-to-end ABM solution provider, has announced that two of its ABM Certification courses are now available for free through July 31, 2020. The ABM Certification program is designed to help practitioners make ABM work for their organizations. The classes provide best practices and training for various levels of expertise: Foundations, Advanced and Expert. The first two tiers — Foundations and Advanced — are available for free online. The company will also donate $1 for every person that completes the Certification to United Way, a charity helping communities around the globe deal with the impact of COVID-19. Register here.

Demand Spring, a revenue marketing agency, launched a series of “pay-what-you-can” virtual workshops for marketing executives. The half-day workshops are available to clients on a “pay-what-you-can” basis. Workshops include “Marketing Leadership in a Time of Crisis” and “Pivot Your Marketing Strategy and Messaging for COVID-19.” For more information, email

Folloze is hosting weekly community-driven workshops, designed to allow marketing leaders and practitioners to gather to discuss ways to close the revenue gap and deliver on their revenue goals. These workshops are focused on idea-sharing and problem-solving and explicitly preclude selling of any sort. Learn more here.

LeadMD, a revenue performance consultancy, is offering an hour of facilitated brainstorm sessions with its go-to-market experts to help marketers uncover where they can have the biggest impact and meet buyers’ needs. Topics include “shifting budget to meet buyer demand” and “messaging alignment.” Learn more here.

Integrate, a provider of enterprise software for marketing and advertising, is hosting “Pivot” sessions with customers. These 60-90-minute working sessions with top customers (and a few prospects) discuss what’s happening with their buyers and what other marketing teams are doing as they move through the phases such as first response, adapt and overcome and re-build and position for recovery. Learn more here. 

Resources To Bookmark

Content4Demand, a B2B Content Strategy & Creative Agency, has released a variety of articles to help marketers adjust to the current crisis, including:

RollWorks, an account-based platform, is providing marketers with a variety of resources to navigate this tough time, including:

Walker Sands, a B2B integrated marketing agency, is offering a resource center for B2B marketers called “B2B Marketing Insights Playbook for COVID-19.” The playbook is comprised of peer-based, real-time trends and provides recommendations on messages, channels and budgets for B2B marketers faced with new challenges and tough decisions. The agency is collecting weekly feedback via this survey to update the playbook.

BenchmarkONE launched a resource hub called “The Small Business Guide to Going Remote,” featuring a variety of content that covers topics such as communicating with customers, utilizing email marketing, hosting webinars and more.

The Mx Group, a B2B agency, recently published a variety of articles related to marketing in the time of Covid-19, including:

NetLine, a B2B content syndication lead generation network, launched a content library called “Certain Content for Uncertain Times” aimed to help customers gain a stable footing. There are 15 un-gated assets available, specifically focused on topics such as working from home, remote employee management, stress/anxiety, mindfulness and stress management. The company also launched a B2B Audience Oriented Library called “How COVID-19 Has Impacted B2B Content Consumption” and a companion newsletter called “The Surveyor.”

Quarry, marketing communications and advertising agency, has created a three-part "B2B Marketing in the Time of COVID-19" reference guide series that covers topics such as campaign considerations, sales support and brand inspiration. The un-gated guides are available on a hub that also curates a library of trustworthy third-party articles.

Sendoso is offering a work-from-home resource hub that shares tips on how to engage prospects and customers in a new world.

ClearVoice, a content marketing platform provider, launched an E-book titled, “Crisis Management And Recovery,” created to help companies address their communication and content strategies during these times.

Criteria For Success, a sales growth consultancy, developed a variety of content to help organizations navigate the current crisis, including:

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ON24 Launches Strategy Services for Marketing Transformation ON24 Launches Strategy Services for Marketing Transformation

ON24, a digital experience platform provider, has launched a Center for Marketing Transformation (CMT), which aims to empower customers the resources and insights needed to build resilient revenue marketing strategies.

CMT offers marketing strategy and content development services and provides certifications in digital marketing. These services aim to help clients optimize the buyer’s journey, create integrated digital experiences and generate sustainable pipeline, even during turbulent times.

The company also hired former SiriusDecisions analyst Cheri Keith as Head of ON24 Strategy. Keith is tasked with leading CMT operations and providing CMT users resources and expertise to create marketing strategies that can drive change and leave a lasting impact.

"I'm proud to join ON24 and arm our distinguished customers with the strategies they need to make smarter marketing decisions," said Keith in a statement. "By creating a resilient marketing mix, B2B marketers will not only be able to navigate through our current crisis, they will be able to future-proof their revenue and business.

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B2B Marketers Sound Off: What’s Working In ABM During & Post-COVID-19? B2B Marketers Sound Off: What’s Working In ABM During & Post-COVID-19?

With many businesses pivoting marketing strategies and canceling events due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining an ABM strategy in the B2B market is becoming increasingly more challenging. Despite the unknowns, keeping the engagement engine running with ABM is still a viable opportunity for businesses looking to build momentum during this difficult time.

ITSMA, a B2B marketing leadership community, recently partnered with the ABM Leadership Alliance, a national organization focused on educating B2B marketers about developing and deploying a successful ABM, to host a webinar called “Accelerating ABM impact: What’s Working, What’s Next.” Moderated by ITSMA’s Rob Leavitt, the panel featured leaders in the B2B marketing space, including:

  • Charm Bianchini, VP of Growth Marketing, LeanData;
  • Chad Blaise, Head of Channels & Growth, Bizzabo;
  • Christine Farrier, Sr. Director of Channel & Partner Marketing, Demandbase;
  • Megan Heuer, VP of Marketing, Engagio;
  • Cassandra Jowett, Sr. Director of Marketing, PathFactory;
  • Eric Martin, VP of Demand Generation, SalesLoft;
  • Jane Menyo, Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing, ON24; and
  • Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist, VP of Strategic Alliances, PFL.

During the presentation, the panel of experts discussed sales alignment, integrating ABM with demand generation, integrated campaigns and creating engaging ABM content. Demand Gen Report attended the webinar to aggregate some of the key insights from the conversation.

On Using This Time To Build Internal & External Relationships…

“Take this time right now to start building your relationships with sales. The more that you understand what’s going on with sales, the more ABM will work.” —Charm Bianchini, LeanData

“People are really paying attention when you personalize things for them. Sometimes just working directly with the sales team one-on-one and choosing the right content for that account is the key.” —Cassandra Jowett, PathFactory

On Integrating ABM With Traditional Demand Gen…

“Having a blend of account-based focus and broad-based demand gen makes sense. [In terms of] direct mail and gifting, we’re doing more programs that are personalized for that specific geo and making them more donation focused. We’re giving back to those less fortunate in the community right now and really embedding that message of ‘make a donation on your path.’” —Eric Martin, SalesLoft

“We marry our demand gen and ABM by having the demand gen bring in unknown ICPs and then use the ABM strategy to carry them through the nurture conversation. Looking at the digital intent signals, our ABM starts when the BDR handoff and then our multi-channel orchestrated campaigns begin at that point.” —Marne Reed, PFL

On Developing Engaging ABM Content In Lieu Of Physical Meetings…

 “We knew it was still very important for our targeted accounts to hear about the items we were going to be sharing. Turning our virtual keynote into a product announcement and making it available to people who registered — as well as wider audiences — was a big success for us. We had lots of engagement in terms of people wanting to get access to that content and it is going to be a great pipeline producer.” —Christine Farrier, Demandbase

“We put together some packages of content, which we call content tracks, to serve those [accounts] and deliver across multiple channels including the sales team. It was amazing to see that the average view time on that content was double or triple what it would normally be for that type of campaign. —Cassandra Jowett, PathFactory.

On Investing In ABM Tech…

“The two main components you want to be focused on when you think about your tech stack and your efficiencies is how does it help you automate your workflows? ABM is how you effectively scale your programs in your business, so think about the ways it’s going to actually support your team in their work and day-to-day. The second part is, how are you going to empower your team with intelligence to actually take smarter actions? In our world, data is gold, but we can often be swimming in data and not know what to do with it.” —Jane Menyo, ON24.

Now more than ever, B2B marketers are in a unique position to assess the efficacy of their solutions and to target accounts that have the greatest potential to buy. Whether it’s creating more personalized content, investing in better technology or spending more time with their sales teams, marketers should use this time to refine their ABM strategy so they won’t lose any ground and can come out the gate swinging when the social restrictions lift.

“What do people really miss about not being able to go to those in-person events right now?” asked Engagio’s Heuer. “One of those things is just having those conversations with peers, meeting new people, expanding your network, finding new ideas in places you didn’t expect.”

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Clear Your Schedule And Enjoy #B2BMX From The Comfort Of Your Home Clear Your Schedule And Enjoy #B2BMX From The Comfort Of Your Home

Your inbox is probably flooded with virtual event and webinar invitations now that in-person events are on hiatus. I’ve even had conversations with people who said “webinar fatigue” is a real thing, and I couldn’t agree more. However, on the bright side, these virtual events — when done right — are super helpful and provide a great source of inspiration as we navigate through this new reality we’re in.

That’s why Demand Gen Report decided to join the club and offer as much guidance for our audience and help them keep the engagement engine running within their organizations. We actually pride ourselves on maintaining this mindset for all of our content, live events and virtual events — pre-, during- and post-COVID. With that said, we recently launched a very special, two-day event featuring some of the best presentations from our recent B2B Marketing Exchange in a virtual environment.

The “Best of #B2BMX” happened earlier this week, and lucky for you, the content is now available on-demand to all registrants. There's an impressive lineup of keynotes from industry experts, case studies of real-world success stories from your peers, informative lunch & learns and breakouts within three tracks that will provide educational insights and tactical takeaways around content, ABM and demand generation. These sessions are some of the top-rated presentations from the February event in Scottsdale, as well as some new content that we developed just for this virtual event. 

We've got more than 25 sessions on deck, including four of our top-rated keynotes featuring Todd Henry, Tamsen Webster, Carmen Simon and Pam Didner. Plus, Mark Bornstein, VP of Marketing at ON24, presented a brand-new keynote to kick off the event. Here’s a quick overview:

  • What Now? How And Why Marketers Are Responding To A Virtual World
    Presented by Mark Bernstein, ON24
    In this session, Mark will uncover how digital experiences re-cast the buyer’s journey; keys to keeping digital audiences engaged; creating curated content experiences; and turning digital engagement into actionable data.
  • The Neuroscience Of Memorable Messages
    Presented by Carmen Simon, Corporate Visions
    Carmen will share some fascinating methods for transforming your brand and messaging into something worth remembering during this session. Check it out to learn how the brain processes information, how to convert neuroscience insights to craft content and campaigns that drive attention and inspire action. 
  • How AI Is Already Impacting Every Stage Of Buyer Engagement…And What Sales & Marketing Teams Need To Know About Its Immediate Impact
    Presented by Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit LLC
    Check it out to learn how AI impacts the sales and marketing landscape; how to use AI applications to improve engagement, offers, and sales qualification; and how to connect the dots between the AI and your jobs.
  • Getting The Green Light: How To Build Messages People Say ‘Yes’ To
    Presented by Tamsen Webster
    During this keynote, Tamsen will explain how to get your team, your clients and the market to say “YES” to your ideas … as well as share helpful insights on how to organize your content so it feels like a story and keeps clients hanging on to every word.
  • Tackling B2B’s Creativity Problem: How To Find Moments Of Brilliance In Everyday Chaos
    Presented by Todd Henry
    In this session, author Todd Henry will share practical tactics to help bring your best creative ideas to the table every day. He’ll explain the three kinds of work that all creative pros engage in, the four kinds of stimuli that lead to brilliant ideas and more. 

That’s JUST the keynote lineup. But like I said, the Best of #B2BMX hub is packed with awesome case studies, lunch & learns, breakout sessions and helpful resources! This is ONE virtual event you won’t want to miss. Check it out here. 

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HubSpot Launches CMS Hub To Streamline Website Management HubSpot Launches CMS Hub To Streamline Website Management

HubSpot, a marketing and sales growth platform, has launched CMS Hub, a new content management system designed to simplify website maintenance, allowing users to create personalized website experiences for their audiences.

The CMS Hub aims to provide site-wide editing accessible by employees of any department, strong security to create a safe browsing experience and a partitioning feature for asset management. These features intend to help growing businesses focus less on data management and more on optimizing their target audience’s experience.

The platform features different tiers designed to provide various degrees of help depending on the business’ needs.

The CMS Hub Professional tier centers around maintenance and design, providing:

  • Updates that allow for easy website management;
  • SEO recommendations to drive website traffic and generate leads; and
  • Built-in CRM and Conversation tools for desired customer experiences.

CMS Hub’s Enterprise tier includes the Professional tier’s features, plus the ability to:

  • Control who has access to specific features on the website;
  • Build personalized websites using customer data; and
  • Manage multiple domains simultaneously.

"Marketers at growing companies have a lot of things to think about — their CMS should not be one of them," said Angela DeFranco, Director of Product Management at HubSpot, in a statement. "Most CMS platforms available today make website management more complicated and painful as time goes by. They put a limit on what's possible. They have a ceiling. But rapidly scaling companies don't. I'm delighted that with CMS Hub, we're offering users a powerful system that removes unnecessary gatekeepers, democratizes the web management process, and makes it easy for them to execute their boldest ideas."

]]> (Michael Rodriguez) News Briefs Wed, 08 Apr 2020 12:11:21 -0400 Launches Hyper-Customization Program For Unique Gifting & Mailing Launches Hyper-Customization Program For Unique Gifting & Mailing is a gifting and mailing platform that offers hyper-customization services for physical gifts, mailers, and messages using logos, text and photographs.


The hyper-customization service aims to provide:

  • Personalized, wax-sealed messages with every order;
  • Hyper-customization at scale: send one to 500+ personalized gifts/mailers at a time;
  • The ability to ship gifts right to your location or recipients’ doorsteps;
  • Hosting for internal products on Craftom platform and warehouses;
  • 24 to 48-hour turnaround on all single-unit orders (1-2 weeks for bulk orders);
  • Monthly reports and monitoring, with management safeguards available; and
  • CRM tracking and recording with Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics plugins.


Account-based marketers, demand generation marketers, business development and sales executives at startup and mid-market companies who see the value in integrated, multichannel outbound and are seeking a tactile sending platform.


The platform offers plugins to Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics.

The platform can create new contacts and update existing contacts in the CRM. This also includes CRM Integration and custom platform build-out capabilities


A $20,000 minimum gift/mailer purchase with 10- & 25-unit minimums on most products. The pricing on most products is determined via volume-based pricing.

This comes with 365 days for fulfillment, the right to refill products at any time and a minimum $15,000 annual re-up.

COMPETITIVE POSITIONING specializes in the hyper-customization gifts, mailings and packaging can be customized with different logos, texts and photographs – whether sending one or 1,000 units at a time.

This provides startup and mid-market brands with a “big brand feel,” making it easy to send hyper-customized, highly unique, high-quality gifts and mailers on-demand.

635 Atando Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 324-9046

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