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Content Marketing

Content marketing is continuously evolving as new channels, formats and strategies emerge. This section covers the formats and tactics for effectively engaging target audiences. Raises $40M To Operate As Standalone Company, a modular content management system (CMS), received a $40 million investment from Expedition Growth Capital, enabling the company to operate independently from its parent company. Prior to the funding, functioned as a business unit within Kentico, a digital experience platform that combines content management, digital marketing and commerce.

Gong Forecast Aims To Deliver Sales Accuracy Based On Reality

Gong, a revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams, launched a reality-based sales forecast platform designed to deliver revenue predictability by providing a complete picture of deal health and pipeline risk based on customer interactions. Gong Forecast aims to help go-to-market teams increase productivity and efficiency.

Movable Ink Unveils AI-Driven Content Personalization Engine

Movable Ink, a content personalization provider, unveiled Da Vinci, an AI-driven content personalization engine designed to create a more meaningful approach to individualized content. Da Vinci leverages the power of AI to build, balance and navigate a map of a brand's catalog through editorial and promotional content across marketing programs…

Pipedrive Launches Campaigns Feature To Enhance Product Functionalities

Pipedrive, a CRM software company, expanded its product suite with new marketing campaign management capabilities. Campaigns by Pipedrive is designed to bring sales and marketing into one revenue management platform so users can access every aspect of their email marketing campaigns in one location. This new functionality aims to provide…

Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator Seeks To Improve Customer Experience

Beaconstac is an online platform for creating and managing QR codes. Beaconstac’s primary solution, the QR Code Generator, is built for modern businesses, enabling users to create physical-digital experiences to collect first-party data and drive engagement. Beaconstac’s free QR Code Generator allows users to create and modify custom QR Codes…
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