Account-Based Marketing

This section covers the latest tools, trends and strategies B2B marketers are leveraging to focus marketing and sales efforts on high-value accounts and increase closed deals.

Marketo Co-Founders Back Together At Engagio

Phil Fernandez, Co-founder, former CEO and Chairman of Marketo, has joined the account-based marketing and sales company Engagio on an advisory level. The move puts him in partnership with his fellow Marketo co-founder Jon Miller, who left the company to launch Engagio in 2015.

Making ABM Real: 5 Lessons Every Marketer Should Know

The verdict is in: for B2B companies, having an account-based marketing (ABM) program is no longer a question, it’s an essential part of their strategy. In fact, SiriusDecisions recently unveiled a new Demand Unit Waterfall due to the ubiquity of ABM and all the complications that come with it. In…

AdRoll Rolls Out ABM Solution For Persona-Based Ads

AdRoll Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a personalized digital marketing solution designed to help marketers target key personas at their named accounts, create highly personalized ads and show their impact by connecting two marketing tech platforms: CRM and programmatic advertising.

The 4 Promises Of AI For B2B Marketers

In the past year, we’ve see artificial intelligence (AI) take off. As an industry, we’ve finally reached the point where we have enough user data, the right algorithms and the data science needed to allow technology to take over—predicting outcomes in real time and based on past behaviors. In the…
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