6 B2B Tech Freemium Offerings Marketers Need To Know

Published: February 7, 2023

Freemium — a business model that offers basic features at no cost and charges users extra to access the entire platform — is widely known in consumer tech and streaming services, as brands such as Zoom, Slack, SurveyMonkey and more offer basic plans at no cost to users. Freemium offerings are a lead gen superstar, serving as a framework to introduce users to an unfamiliar brand and enabling them to learn the platform/technology without any immediate investment.

Below, we’ve acquired some of the latest freemium models in the B2B technology space and the benefits they hold for marketers.

1. Validity, a data quality and email marketing success solutions provider, relaunched its Sender Score feature, which includes four tools to help email marketers succeed. The platform’s toolkit includes subscriber list analysis, subject line previewer, compliancy monitor and blocklist remover. Additionally, the company launched a free edition of its DemandTools product, which allows users to insert, update and upsert records from a .csv or .xlsx file, with the ability to automatically standardize data as part of the import process.

2. Channel99, a company with $5 million of seed funding in its pocket, is designed to help identify the vendors and channels that drive profitable website traffic to provide marketers with data and benchmarks to help prove ROI. While the full platform hasn’t fully launched, the company is currently offering a free mobile app that showcases performance benchmarks of users’ digital channels against industry averages.

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3. Account-based marketing platform RollWorks introduced RollWorks In-Market Account Finder, a free capability designed to help organizations discover sales-ready accounts within minutes. To access RollWorks In-Market Account Finder, users can enter their brand, product or competitor’s name, define their ideal customer profile and let RollWorks handle the rest.

4. OneScreen.ai offers an out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform where sellers list and buyers buy with full transparency and no manual processes. OneScreen.ai operates on a freemium model and the company’s market network lists inventory profiles in the directory whether they transact through the company or not.

5. Inriver, a SaaS company, released inriver Channel Insights, a new digital shelf analytics (DSA) capability designed to enable all users of inriver’s product information management (PIM) solution experience the power of DSA via self-service functionalities available on their inriver dashboard.

6. Sendoso, a corporate gifting platform, launched its first free E-gifting offering that aims to enable small and medium-sized businesses to send E-gifts without contracts, subscriptions or fees. Sendoso Express allows companies to instantly send E-gifts to employees, partners, prospects and customers from some of Sendoso’s E-gift partners, including Amazon, Apple, DoorDash, Instacart, Starbucks and Uber Eats. The offering just requires a valid corporate email and credit card — no contracts or subscriptions necessary.

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