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Tegrita Announces Partnership With Fabl

Tegrita, a martech consulting firm, has teamed up with Fabl, a content marketing, management and publishing platform, becoming Fabl’s first service provider. The strategic partnership is part of a broad “TegX” initiative, which aims to provide an innovative opportunity to combine institutional change and technology to help marketers reach revenue goals.

Content Marketing & Demand Gen: Make The Synergy, Make The Sale

Paul Heald Headshot

Content is king at the moment. But if an engaging webinar, white paper or video appears and hardly anyone sees it, what’s the point?

Although content creation and demand generation teams share the goal of attracting customers and boosting sales, they work in distinct ways. Demand gen staffers work closely with sales teams, focusing on understanding and winning over the audience they’re trying to reach at any given time. Content marketers often take a longer view, telling their brand’s story through an ongoing narrative guided by their company’s overarching product strategy.  

What Does External Content Creation Mean For CMOs?

Stephan NobsUntil recently, marketing departments could keep control over most of their content. Every communication was transmitted via an official spokesperson and every piece of collateral issued was approved by marketing and legal departments. That’s changing. The once solid firewall that marketing built around its content is starting to turn into a sieve.

Study: Majority Of Marketers Identify ‘High-Quality Content Creation’ As Top Reason For Success

1netlinenewContent marketers face steep competition and more aggressive goals in their quest for success, according to research conducted by NetLine, a content syndication and lead generation services provider. The research revealed that in the last year, 65% of campaigns excluded 17% of the active marketing audience, meaning many lower-ranking influencers were left out of lead generation campaigns.

Bloomberg Media Launches B2B Marketing Service Group For Content Creation

placeitBloomberg Media is launching a B2B marketing services group in an effort to diversify beyond media such as TV, radio, magazine publishing and digital properties, according to The Wall Street Journal. The group will work closely with Kinection, the company’s recently launched custom content studio, to help B2B advertisers establish marketing strategies and content for Bloomberg outlets and media properties using intelligence and data.

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