Bynder Unveils Studio, A Unified Digital Content Creation & Templating Solution

Published: December 5, 2022

Bynder innovated its digital asset management (DAM) platform through the release of Studio, a new solution designed for scalable content creation and templating to help generate more value from content.

Studio helps brands create a diverse array of content that is quickly and easily adaptable to deliver better experiences while reducing costs and time spent on developing campaigns. The enhanced DAM capabilities include:

  • Video and GIF capabilities;
  • Flexible sourcing that enables users to upload existing content or create content on the platform;
  • Template creation, which features lock components such as logo placement, fonts and more; and
  • Batch creation abilities that allow marketers to create multiple assets at once.

Studio’s release builds on Bynder’s Q1 acquisition of GatherContent, a content operations platform, which sought to add collaborative workflow and editorial processes to enhance Bynder’s content creation capabilities.

“As content continues to be crucial to competing in the digital-first economy, the demands placed on creative teams will only heighten,” said Paul Heiden, Chief Product Officer at Bynder, in a statement. “In the coming years, brands will have to operate amidst economic uncertainty and limited resources, further intensifying the imbalance between the expectations for output and the resources available to fulfill them. We developed Studio in response to this demand, enabling our customers to transform a painstaking manual content creation process into an automated and efficient one and helping them scale up content creation across platforms and markets whilst saving costs. This will allow them to reach their audience well before the competition and thrive faster in a demanding marketplace.”

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